Next Cosplay: Sona - The Maven of the Strings

Friday, September 20, 2013

I started working on my next cosplay, which will be Sona from League of Legends. I think it's a really beautiful character with a lot of pretty detail in her instrument and costume. I am planning to debut it at PAX East 2014.  I will be part of a League of Legends Sona trio along with my friends Cathy as Arcade Sona and Soo as Guqin Sona. Here are some of the reference pictures I'll be using. Mostly going by the Chinese Artwork.

Original Splash Art

Chinese Splash Art

New Splash Art
This is going to be the most difficult cosplay I've ever worked on.  I'm still worried how it'll all turn out.  Mostly afraid to start on the instrument, since I've never made a prop that big before.  So stay tuned and follow my progress on my facebook and blog!

Funny thing is, I started to play LoL more recently, and bought my first champ, which turns out to be Sona^^ I found Sona's play style to be suitable for me and is a lot of fun. I'm still pretty bad at league haha, there is a lot to learn DX  But I'm slowly improving. It's definitely fun to play with friends and just have fun with it.

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