The Wedding Diaries

Friday, November 15, 2013

I got engaged a few months back in May on the top of Mt. Halla in Jeju Island.  Tallest mountain in Korea (1,950 m)!  What could be a more perfect ending after a 6 hour hike uphill to the top!  We were hot, tired, and dehydrated but all that was soon forgotten (at least until we had to make the long journey downhill...).  We want to get married in 2 years.  So why get engaged now? It just so happened to be our 5 year anniversary that week and how often do you hike a mountain on an island with a breathtaking view^^  Now that we the ball the rolling, I want to take this opportunity to record down my wedding planning progress on my blog.  So I present here, the wedding diaries :)  I may not release most ideas until after the wedding, to keep a few surprises, but I'll post updates and tips when I can. Let the journey begin!


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