How to Make Vocaloid Magnet Headphones

Monday, March 31, 2014

Step 1: Print out templates

I found some very helpful templates online for the butterfly and circle design.  I uploaded them below, and also links to them.

Found Here

Found Here

Step 2:  Cut out shapes 

Cut out 4 butterfly templates on black craft foam.

I used this stick tool to outline the shapes in the butterfly wing.  It helped me see it better.

Then I used a box cutter to cut out the shapes.  Do this for all 4 pieces if you want to do the transparent version like mine.  You only need to do 2 cut out pieces if you are using regular colored paper (the backside can be solid).

Step 3: Add your color and glue it together

I wanted my butterfly pieces to be transparent, so I bought colored plastic folders.  I cut out the butterfly shape in the hot pink color.

I used a glue gun to glue the 3 pieces together.  Do it again for the 2nd wing.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

For the circles, I used Thick 6mm black craft foam, cut out four 3 inch circles.  I cut two smaller circles with the pink color, and printed out two even smaller circle design for the middle.  See below.

I used the 6mm black craft foam and cut out two mic pieces.  Added on shiny gold and red rectangle design.  I painted a piece of florist wire black and sandwiched and glued it between these 2 mic pieces.  This is also how it is attached to the two layer headphone circles.

Optional: I added rhinestones to add some bling :)

Step 5: Attaching headphones

There are several ways you can make the headphones.  I would suggest a headband.  Before gluing the 2 thick circles together, stick a headband right in between them, and use hot glue to secure the sandwich.  Other methods could be gluing real headphones, or hair clips.  

A mini top hat tutorial will be coming soon!

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