Sona Progress: Outer Light Blue Robe

Monday, June 02, 2014

I have been on vacation and currently prepping for Animenext so I haven't been able to update on time every week.  Here's the next post in my series of Sona progress!

I started making the outer light blue robe by drafting a pattern out of scrap paper.

I cut out the patterns and sewed!  I made double of everything to make 2 layers since my fabric is thin and I also wanted to add interfacing in between to make it stiffer.

I initially added 1 layer of interfacing.  After I finished the costume, I wish I had added more!  Because I added a really thick wire to hold up my robe, it would have been sturdier if the light blue fabric had more interfacing.

I made the bell sleeves as 2 pieces with elastic band.

I started sewing the gold strips on all the edges.  I sewed on one side.  Later on, to close it, I will put in the wire, and then fold over it, sew the wire in place, and hand sew to close it.

I decided to add wire to give the illusion I am floating like the character Sona.  The wire I got was really thick, which is a good and bad thing.  It held up my costume really well and everything stayed in place.  But if it wasn't so thick, I would have had an easier time transporting it, and it wouldn't be as hard to sew in.  The light blue parts wouldn't look so floppy either.  If i had added more interfacing it would have looked been better.  It's a learning process :/

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