Cheese-kun Plushie Tutorial

Thursday, August 14, 2014

I wanted to make a cheese-kun plush to go with a casual CC cosplay I was doing.  I decided to do a round huggable plush. Crystallike made a really good tutorial on it.  Great for reference.

Here is how I approached it and if you are interested in buying a handmade cheese-kun, check out my Storenvy!  I make 3D life sized ones and also 2D (2 panel) travel friendly pillow ones.

-1 yard anti-pil fleece (in Daffodil)
-2 sheets of black felt
-sewing machine (it'll save you a lot of time, and make things neater)
-poly-fil stuffing

Step 1: Cut out six 27" X 6" rectangles

Step 2:  Put 2 pieces together (the wrong sides are facing the outside and the correct furry side is facing each other).  Pin it down one side only.

Step 3: Continue to place evenly and pin each panel on one side until you have 5 an they are all connected.

Step 4:  For the 6th panel, connect the circle by pinning it on both sides.

Flip it inside out to check if it looks ok.

Step 5: Flip it back to the wrong side, and sew all the side panels.  Leave about 3 inches at the bottom.  Remove all the pins.

Step 6:  Flip it inside out.  Stuff it til you feel it has enough. 

Step 7:  Cut a half circle shape for the 6 panel ends.  These will be his "feet" and where you will close up the plush.

Step 8:  Place the plus upright and trace the bottom petal shape.

Match up the petals and pin it (at least 4-5 panels).  You can sew as much you can through the sewing machine, or sew it by hand.  The last 1-2 panels will have to be by hand.  I try to do a hidden seam so it can look flawless.

Step 9: Make the arms.  See pictures below.

Flip it inside out and stuff it.

Step 10: Cut out the face and glue it on.  I used E6000.

Step 11: Make the hat.  Make 2 pieces for the top and sew it.  Stuff it.  Cut out a circle for the bottom, and sew it to the top.  Sew the hat onto the left side of cheese-kun's head.

And its finished!  If you made a cheese-kun with my tutorial, I would love to see it!  Just send me an email ( or message me on my FB Page: Reeni.

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