Otakon 2014 re-cap and CC Wing Devil Dress ver. from Artbook

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Just a quick recap of my new costume and Otakon 2014!  I always wanted to do a CC cosplay, but couldn't decide on any of her outfits, nothing really called to me.  I saw this in an official Code Geass artbook and thought it was really pretty.  It very different and it seems pretty easy to make.  So here are some photos of my progress~~

Black cloth (got it for a steal at .50 cents a yard. I got 3.  It was a perfect amount), steel wire - 12 gauge, it would have been better if I had something stiffer, but I also don't have the tools to cut anything tougher.  I searched all over Home Depot and finally found plastic chains, I got 14 yards at .68 cents per yard.  I could have gotten a little more.  Got some gold spray paint.  Total cosplay budget: $17!  Not including wig and contacts.

I made a foam frame with inserts so that I can disassemble if I needed to take it apart.

I wrapped the entire wing in black cloth and sewed it and cut off excess.  This was most time consuming.

I sewed on the gold chains at certain points to keep them in the correct place.

The dress was also easy and fun to make.  Pretty much a tank top dress with a short front and long train backside.  Then cut cut cut lots of jagged edges and holes >:]

Finaly arm gloves and a choker was made.

Some photographers found me and I had a mini shoot, I'll post pictures when I get them.  Sadly I was only able to wear this for about 2 hours.

During the days, I was wearing casual dress shirt CC with her cheese-kun doll while I staffed.

On Saturday, I stopped by the League of Legends meet up.  Saw our friend mintyhoney and met up with Cathy Ngo Cosplay.

I made it to the end of it when they were just calling by each champion.  Sona time~~

More photos on my Facebook Page Reeni Cosplay

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