Halloween: DIY Hipster Disney Princess (Ariel)

Monday, November 17, 2014

This Halloween my friends threw a Hipster Disney Princess themed party.  All the black haired princesses were taken, so I chose Ariel and donned a curly red wig (I used it last year for Poison Ivy!  It's a cheap one from eBay, so it's taken quite a beating since then).  She's my favorite disney character so I'm glad I finally got to dress up as her..in a way hehe.  I put together a casual outfit in her color scheme.  

Purple Seashell Bra Crop Top | DIY
Green miniskirt | Forever21
Sneakers | Converse
Accessories | Starfish hairclip, Hipster glasses, pearl bracelets

We even found our Hipster Princes

Can you guess the princess?

DIY Seashell Bra Crop Top
1. Take an old T-shirt or any purple fabric and cut out the crop top.  You can use a crop top you own to trace the size you want.

2. Don't forget to cut out some sleeves.  You can sew these on now or later.

3. Sketch out some mermaid seashells.  Use it as a template and guide to trace the seashell outline on the top with chalk.  Use fabric paint (I used a small Scribbles 3D squeeze bottle in the color Lilac) and draw in your seashells.


4.  Let it dry, finish sewing any part of the shirt, and your done!  Optional: add sparkles

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