The Wedding Diaries: To Rent or Buy Suits?

Monday, January 19, 2015

I knew it would be a difficult path, but I wanted to buy the groomsmen suits rather than renting them.  It costs on average $150 to rent a tux or suit for your wedding day.  It feels as if you are throwing money away.  I understand most people have to do it this way because it's hard to have get everyone's sizes and then find one good looking suits in the right size and color for all your groomsmen.

Challenge accepted!

I chose suits over tuxedos because the atmosphere of my wedding is DIY/rustic and it's easier and cheaper if I'm buying.  My goal was to find light grey suit under $200 each for our five groomsmen.  We are also paying for their suits.  I was hoping for some good sales during Black Friday.  Also, our groomsmen are not the easiest to work with.  It was like pulling teeth trying to get their suit jacket size and pant size.  After searching for several months, I saw Perry Ellis outlet had a $99 suit sale.  They did have grey suits but it was just not as light as I would have liked.  But at this price and being able to find all the sizes, it is something I can live with.  What ended up happening when we put the suits on hold while we waited for some sizes, the sale went away, it jumped up to $117 a suit.  I was devastated and was about to bring out my inner bridezilla (just kidding! but I did look very distraught).  But the cashier was so nice and told me the mall guest services usually has Mall coupons.  For Perry Ellis it was 25% off purchases over $100.  She allowed me to make separate transactions for the coupon to work on each suit.  It ended up $88 per suit.  I hit jackpot!

So for the groom, we decided to have him stand out and still have the light charcoal suit we imagined.  We picked out a more expensive J.Crew Factory Thompson suit.  We bought it in store for 30% off plus additional student discount (grad school ID, woohoo!) for $250.  They can be found online too (jacket/pants).  They didn't have a matching vest, so we found a similiar shade vest from Perry Ellis which we got on sale during Black Friday for $15.  We spent under $700 for 6 suits.  This was half my budget.  I love when things turn out better than expected.

The suits are basically the groomsmen gifts.  But I want to do a fun sock pose picture on the wedding day so I looked for patterned socks.  I found these on eBay, 5 for $12.  I just needed to find another argyle pattern one for the groom.

Then I was walking in Forever21 and saw these super cute polka dot men's socks.  There were 6 different colors too! (The black and navy are pretty close though).  I think it matches my wedding more so I couldn't help but buy them.  I will just resell the old ones. 

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