Memebox Kpop Star Makeup Review

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Forgive me for not updating in a while!  If you follow my Instagram or Facebook, you would know I have been traveling in Japan since the end of March to early April.  

I took a detour on the way home to go to Las Vegas for my bachelorette party (more details on that later!).  When I finally got home after a good 2 and half weeks, I got really sick.  All those traveling days and late nights finally caught up to me.  Now that I'm better I've been catching up with wedding plans.  So I have a lot to share with you all, but it'll just take me some time.  I will have lots of free time after my wedding next month and of course the honeymoon.  In the meantime, I'll finally review this Memebox I got last month!  I ordered it mid-April and got it fairly quickly.  Unfortunately it's sold out now, but some of the products can be found individually in the website's online shop.  I've only gotten mystery boxes in the past, so this was something different.  This box costs more at $39 (worth $63.50) but I know all the products I will be getting.  They are also all full sized products.

To sum it up, I LOVED this box!  I was happy with every product in it and would definitely buy them again.

Memeboxes usually come with a card giving a short description of each product and how to use it.

Skin Food | Sugar Bloom Shadow Box #3 Cappucino Bloom
The first product was a shimmery trio eye shadow palette box with a mirror.  It's great for when you're on the go.  The colors are neutral and great for every day looks.

The first color is a light mauve shade, the middle is a dark brown, and the last one is a golden brown.
The middle color is good to apply to the outer corners of your eyelid for a smokey look.  Then add on the golden color across your eyelid and the lightest color to the inner corners of your eye to brighten up tired eyes.  Blend the colors for a flawless gradient.

The 3 eyeshadow colors

The packaging for this blush is adorable.  It is cream-based so I like to just rub some on the tip of my ring finger and blend it lightly on the apples of my cheeks.  Its adds a nice peachy flush of color to my cheeks.
Note: Although the website and card says the color is #01 Strawberry, I'm pretty sure I got the #02 Coral one.  The color looks peachy to me, and packaging says 02 on it and the korean letters seem to sound out the word coral.  Not sure if they just sent me the wrong one or it was just labeled wrong on the website and card.  Either way I'm happy with what I received.

blush swatch in the middle of hand

This is a glittery neutral brown eyeshadow stick with traces of violet sparkles to create that sulty smokey eye look.  It's super flattering and glides on smoothly.  It's crease resistant and long lasting waterproof formula glides on easily with its built-in retractable stick.  Perfect to carry out in your purse.  Easy to reapply for an instant pop of sparkle.  There's 4 other colors, I'm very tempted to buy the whole set!  Currently on sale for $27.50 for all 5 of them.

swipe of the eyeshadow stick

It's Skin | Babyface Gel Pencil Eyeliner #05 Champagne Pink
It's a hard decision, but this just might be my favorite item in this box.  This pearly liner gives that "aegyo-sal" (cute) look by adding it in the inner corners and inner bottom part of your eye.  It brightens up and makes my eyes look bigger and more awake.  I love the pearly pink color (more natural and sweet than pure white eyeliner) and it glides on effortlessly.

swipe of the champagne pink eyeliner

A really juicy lip tint that gives a subtle red tint to your lips.  Lip tints are great when you just want a soft flush of color.  You can build onto it when you want a stronger color.
Note:  I don't see a color #01 on their website, this might actually be #02, with a hint of pink in the color.

TonyMoly | Easy Touch Gel Eyeliner
This eyeliner is super soft and creamy.  You have to be really careful when you stick your brush in.  Slowly brush some onto your brush and lightly glide it across your eyelid.  Once you get the hang of it, it can create some great cat winged eyeliner looks.  It's a very satin-y rich black color.  This waterproof formula it dries on pretty fast and didn't smudge.

I had a very good overall impression of this box.  I loved how I could use every product in this box and create one go-to kpop star look.  The shimmery neutral eyeshadows and eyeshadow stick creates the perfect neutral smokey eye, and adding a strong cat wing eyeliner gives it that sexy kpop touch.  I think what really makes the look "kpop star" is adding the pearly eyeliner in the inner corner and bottom line of your eye for that cute, young look.  Flushed cheeks and linted lips gives your face some color against the strong smokey eyes.

Contacts: Acuvue Color in Grey

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