DIY: Felt Love Bird Wedding Cake Topper

Thursday, September 17, 2015

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I saw a lot of cute wedding cake topper ideas on Pinterest and after browsing some options on Etsy, I decided to make my own wedding cake toppers for a much cheaper price. This adorable felt love bird toppers I made was inspired from ones I saw on Pinterest/Etsy.  The whole project only cost about $2 since I had a lot of the materials already.

-2 sheets of felt in 2 colors
-2 scewers
-a little bit of stuffing
-4 black beads for eyes
-thread in your felt color and white
-hot glue

Draft a templte for the bird, wing, and heart.

Cut 2x of each piece out of the appropriate felt color.  You will need to make a front and a back side.  

First sew the wing onto the bird.  Then glue or sew the heart onto the wing.

Sew on the black bead for the eye.

After you make both sides, place them together and sew.   Leave a little hole and add stuffing.  If you'd like, add a stitch on the inside to pull the eyes together, it gives a slightly puffy impression.
When your done stuffing, sew it shut.

Also note that as your sewing the bottom of the bird, you can place your skewer in place so that you can slip the skewer in and out easily later.

Cut a piece of cardstock out to write your signs.  I wrote "I Do" and "Me Too" but you can also write your names.

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