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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Crown Vintage - Tabitha & Steve Madden - Nyrvana

Wanted to share some of my bootie wants & haves.  I actually haven't bought a bootie until this year. Always trying to hold back from buying too many shoes haha.  So here are my top picks:

I have been eyeing this bootie all year.  It's pretty popular, with a lot of good reviews.  I tried it on in store and it's pretty true to size for me, but some say they had to size down.  It's retailed at $139.95.  I haven't been able to find a good sale in my size.  After much thought, I found and ordered a dupe. 

This Crown Vintage - Tabitha bootie from DSW looks very similiar to it.  I like that the heel is a contrasting brown color (The older version of Sam Edelman black leather also had a brown heel, their current version is black.  But their black suede does have the brown heel and sole this season).  The Crown Vintage is retailed at $69.95, but with some DSW rewards and Columbus Day promo code, I technically got it for $39.99 (more or less, because I also ordered flats for $30.  Total for both shoes was only $50!).  So I am definitely paying significantly less than the Sam Edelman.  Although this Crown Vintage looks similiar, I don't think quality is as nice.  I think the bootie stops a little higher so I feel it hit the front of my foot and the leather is stiffer, I can see the crease lines form once I start wearing it out.  

Sam Edelman makes some really cute and comfortable booties.  This is another highly reviewed one.  The Paige bootie is similiar to the simple design of the Petty, but with some side fringe action going on.  I like how it gives it some flair if you don't want to wear plain booties.  Retails $169.95.  These were recently part of Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale.

If your looking for a heeled bootie, this is it.  One of the best reviewed ones I've found.  It's out of stock on a lot of sites, I'm hoping they'll come back and go on sale.  Currently retails $139.99.  Will make any Fall/Winter outfit look cute and dressy.

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