A Magical Harry Potter Bridal Shower

Friday, March 25, 2016

I'm so excited to share a Harry Potter themed bridal shower I was a part of planning.  The bride is a huge HP fan and this was the first theme that popped in my head when we started brainstorming.  There are so many good ideas that you can incorporate in a Harry Potter party.  I wish we could have included even more but I think we did a fantastic job making it all come together.

The bride's sister (MOH) made these intricate cut-outs of each house out of construction paper.  Look at that detail!

One of the bridesmaids (@thenaughtyspatula) is a baker and she made a lot of the sweets for our very own Honeydukes shop.  She made chocolate frogs, chocolate wands, and the amazing 2 -tier Harry Potter fontant cake.  The other bridesmaids made the caudron cakes, chocolate snitches and other goodies.

We had the Three Broomsticks pub serving Butterbeer and Fireball Cinnamon shots.

 I made a Potions Class table setting.  To save money I just used what I could find around my house.  I collected miscellaneous glass bottles and spray painted some of them black and gold.  The clean bottles I kept clear and added colors such as red (strawberry jello mix) and gold (lemon gaterade) for the Amortencia and Felix Felicis bottles.  I used flour for the Wartcap Powder bottle.  This worked out really well to match the labels with the content.  For the labels I found free printables online.  I cut them out and used modge podge to glue it on and also added a coat of it on top of the labels to make sure it's secure.

I made the bridal sign out of some craft foam I had but black card stock would work really well too.  Gold glitter foam was used for the lightening bolts.  I traced the letters from a Harry Potter font (Harry P) that I downloaded.

My favorite decoration to make was the floating candles for the Great Hall.  It was also the most time consuming.  Hot glue was used to add a dripping effect and fishing wire to hang from the ceiling.  The flickering LED tea lights gave a nice touch.  A tutorial will be coming soon.

The MOH made a Harry Potter tree out of 3 Harry Potter books that we used as the table centerpiece.  She also made these DIY wands out of chopsticks and miscellaneous beads, hot glue, and paint.

Another party idea I put together was a photobooth.  My friend lent me her makeshift photobooth setup made of PVC pipes.  I added a luxurious maroon cloth as a backdrop.  I made a couple Harry Potter themed photobooth props out of foam and wooden down.

The bridal party and bride's mom

the bride and her family dressing the part

And lastly, Dementer's Kiss Away party favors also prepared by @thenaughtyspatula

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and it gave you some ideas for your own Harry Potter style party.  Decorations made by me are also available for commission/sale.  Can contact me @ mycutebow@gmail.com.

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