My Wedding Album by YL Photography

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

It's time to wrap up my Wedding Diaries.  I have been blogging about my wedding since I got engaged in 2013.  From the wedding dress search, to vendor selections, and DIY projects, I've covered almost everything I could about my wedding.  While most people I know find wedding planning to be stressful, I thought of it as a stress relief.  I find myself at peace when I am researching for hours for the prettiest decor and best deals.  Maybe you might even call it a bit obsessive.  So it's sad for me to finally have to part with this special day in my life.  I spent the last year recapping all the aspects of my wedding along with the gorgeous photos from my wedding photographer, YL Photography.  It took me 3 months to finally sit down and create my wedding album that was included in my package.  It included a 15x10 genuine leather album and 20 pages.  I upgraded it with 40 more pages at a discounted rate.  I received my album soon after and it was just beautiful crafted.  It was also suuuper heavy!  The black case which held the album was also genuine leather with a magnetic closure on top.  It was like opening a gift box.  Inside was our album in the color we chose, maroon, with our names engraved.  The quality was just top notch.  Everything felt luxurious and durable.  The album opens flat so you get one continuous flow of photos from one page to the other.  Yanshu did a great job creating the initial layout for the album.  We were give 2x changes if we wanted to switch out photos or change the page layout.  The whole album felt as if it told a story from beginning to end.  I shared a select number of pages from my album in this post. 

Thank you for reading!
xo Reeni

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