Wedding Diaries: Hair Troubles & Accessories

Thursday, May 05, 2016

I debated whether I should write this post since it's been so long already but I do have a lot to share about the topic and some helpful advice.  I put careful thought into every aspect of my wedding, even how I prepared my hair for the big day and what kind of accessories to wear.

I envisioned a romantic curly half-up do for my wedding day hair.  These were the 2 pictures I finally decided on.  I wanted some intricate braiding and looping (If I'm paying over $100 on a hair-do it better look like I did something with it!)

I met with my hairstylist, Coco Tsang, one year before my wedding to do a hair trial.  Good thing I contacted her early because she was already meeting with another client that booked the same day as me.  The trial already cost me $150, I was really tempted to just book without it since I know she is good with asian hair & make-up from my sisters wedding and I didn't want to search any more.

I showed her my pictures and unfortunately my hair stylist said my hair is too thin and sparse to get that kind of volume.  Also, my hair is too dark to see all the waves and details.  So pretty much, don't expect I would look exactly like those pictures.  She suggested clip on hair extensions and getting highlights.  I didn't really want to spend extra money so I said I wasn't sure yet.  At the end of the trial, I was pretty satisfied with the hair & make up results. I wasn't super wow-ed by it but it looked good and I'm sure it'll turn out better on the wedding day when it's not just a trial and my hair will be a lot longer by then.

I tested out an up-do.  While it looked good, I think half-up suits me more.

So I want to share my story of what happened with my hair before the wedding day.  I was growing it out and it was really long by February.  I thought maybe I'll have my mom trim it before I get a real trim and highlights at a salon in April.  My mom cut straight across my hair maybe about 2-3 inches.  I freaked out.  It looked way too short.  It wasn't the end of the world, but it was a bit shorter than when I did my trial, and I actually wanted it a big longer than that.  The length would have been an ok length for some of the LAYERS I wanted, but not the full length I wanted it to hit on my back.  My hairstylist said I need layers so the curls show better.  Because it was a straight cut, if I got layers now, my hair would end up even shorter looking.  I was so upset but I couldn't be mad at my mom since I asked her to help me trim it and she didn't realize it was too much.  So I had about 3 months to fix this problem.  My friend suggested taking over-the-counter biotin pills .  It helps with hair growth.  So I started using that and I think it helped.  I also decided to buy the extensions.  They were $50 on Ebay.  I might as well now that it'll be more worth it, add Volume and Length to my hair.  I went to the salon earlier than planned in March to get the layers and highlights.  I told them I was getting married in a month (not the actual 2 months) so that they don't over trim like they always do.  This cost me about $180.  On the wedding day, everything went perfectly!  The highlights really enhanced the look of my hair, and I had the length and volume I dreamed of.  But this was the most I've ever spent on my hair Haha.

As for the make-up, that turned out really well too. It was natural smokey eye makeup with natural lightweight false lashes.

For jewelry I borrowed my sisters wedding hairpiece, diamond earrings, and Swarovski crystal bracelet.

My mom brought me to the jewelry store to pick out a diamond necklace as a gift for me.  I absolutely love it.  I felt really classy and glamorous on my wedding day.

Thanks for reading!

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