Pink + Gold Baby Shower

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Almost a month has past without a new blog post.  It's been a pretty busy since I went to Turks and Caicos, helped my sister plan her baby shower, and finishing up some late Etsy orders.  But if you want to follow along, I still update my daily life on instagram @mycutebow.  Earlier this month my sister had her baby shower.  The theme was pink + gold and bunnies since they have two pet bunnies.  I helped with a couple of the decor that I will share here.

 One of the things I made was a floral letter.  My sister hadn't decided on a name yet so she used the letter H for their last name.  I drew out the cursive H on cardboard, painted it white (since it'll show on the back and sides), and sealed it with mod podge.  I bought bunches of different fake flowers in shades of pink and purple and glued them on the cardboard with hot glue.

You may recognize it from my wedding, the mini bunting sign card cage on display.  Her friends also drew a cute canvas for thumbprints as a guestbook.

I think I love making event signs haha.  Trying out a new version with this more square shaped burlap flag with white painted letters.

Finally got a chance to make these tissue paper tassle garlands.  It's really easy and looks really cute.  Many tutorials for them online.  I used the full length of the tissue paper (they came out 15" long) but I think they would look best around 10-12" and you can make mini ones around 5-7".

Cute diaper cake with baby clothes wrapped around it made by our cousin.

Another decor I've been wanting a chance to make was spray painted and glittered mason jars.  For half the jars I spray painted them gold.  Then using paper and masking tape I made a line to start the glitter process.  I bought glitter that was pretty chunky.  Fine glitter would have given a really neat look too.  I brushed mod podge on the parts I wanted glitter and slowly sifted glitter to stick on it.  I sealed the whole thing with mod podge so there wouldn't be any glitter fall out.

Made some cute bunny silhouette cutouts to hang.

My sister's friend designed this cute sign for her.

Love straw flags!

Ending the day with cake pops to take home!

The baby shower turned out great.  I was very happy with how the decor turned out.  As always, if I had more time I would have tried to do more.

Thanks for reading!

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