Review: Pusheen Box [Fall Edition]

Monday, October 24, 2016

After my last box, I was debating whether or not to get the Fall box.  It's a bit expensive compared to other subscription boxes at $44 per box + $6 shipping but it's definitely worth it.  I only wanted to keep half the items in the Summer box, and as of now I've successfully sold those items I didn't want on ebay.  So there's definitely a demand for Pusheen items.  When I opened this Fall box, I loved every item inside!    I got an email that it shipped in 10/18/2016 and I received it on 10/22/2016.

Lets unbox!

I can't believe how cute the box is before I even open to see what's inside.  Pusheen is pictured as a purple cat with bat wings, in honor of Halloween!  So I was already excited to see what Halloween themed items they would have.

And again, I am squealing as I opened the box and see whats on top.  But first let's see the postcard.  They list every item that in the box.  There are 9 items just like last time.  I usually put this aside and take out each item myself so I keep it a surprise.

Ok, so the first item on top is a freakin' Pusheen pullover sweatshirt.  It is SO soft and has a picture of pusheen all over it.  Perfect for lounging around at home.  I got it in size XS.

To keep with the Halloween theme they included a Pusheen Ears & Tail costume set. Super cute but I will pass on keeping it. 

A pumpkin scented Pusheen car freshner!!

The most adorable silicon Pusheen coasters! Comes with 3 designs.

I'm guessing its also a Back-to-School (Fall) Theme because they included sticky notes, a pen, and a holographic notebook (falling leaves!).  All very practical useful!

I love this tea cup and saucer set so much.  It's the cutest thing I've ever seen.  Even the packaging for it was perfect and very safe.  The cup has Pusheen and apples and it sits on top of a saucer with a pie design.  I am afraid to even use it.  Will likely just put it on display in my house.

And lastly, every box includes an exclusive vinyl figure.  The figure inside this months box is Bat Pusheen!  It's very well made and no flaws this time on mine.  I have too many dolls so I may not keep it, but I do love it.

I loved how this box perfectly proportioned everything with all the Fall related themes.  Some Halloween, Back-to-School, and Autumn season items.  Similiar to how the Summer box had a mix of Mermaid and Sunglasses Pusheen with a lavender and mint color theme.  This was going to be my last box, but after seeing everything inside I can't help but wonder what will be in the next Winter box.  Pusheen boxes don't disappoint! 

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