Review: September 2016 Japan Candy Box + Giveaway! (Ended)

Monday, October 17, 2016

Japan Candy Box (who also offers Kawaii Box) is a monthly subscription service that overs 8-10 Japanese sweets & snacks every month.  It costs $19.90 per month to month box and it's cheaper if you do a longer subscription.  I did an unboxing review of their Kawaii Box back in July (see HERE) and I'm super excited to announce that they contacted me again to review their latest Japan Candy Box!  I will also be holding a giveaway for one lucky reader to win their next candy box.  So keep reading to find out how ^_^

My box was shipped on 9/29/16 and I got the email notification on 10/2/16 with tracking.  The box arrived to me on 10/12/16.  It takes just about 2 weeks since it ships from Singapore.  It arrived safely but a bit crushed.

Lets begin!

I received 10 items in this box.

1. Popin' Cookin' Oekaki Animal Candy Land DIY Kit
I've never tried them but I've always seen videos of funny Japanese candy that you can create and play with.  This box has 2 of them!  I haven't tried it out yet but this first one looks like you mix the colors with the brush and design a penguin.  The instructions are in Japanese but there are pictures to help guide you so it should be somewhat easy to figure out.

2.  Coris Berry Mix Soft Candy
I had to sort through the box to figure out which candy correlates to which item on the description list.  I'm pretty sure this is #2 on the list but I was confused because this was actually a green apple flavored gum.  So careful not to swallow it!  There are four pieces in this box and the flavor did not last that long but was still tasty.

3.  Doraemon Ramune Squash Soda Bubble Gum
This looked like some very old-school gum.  The wrapper was printed with doraemon comic images and just loosely wrapped around the gum.  It really does taste like the Japanese ramune soda drink.

4. Coris Soft Centered Grape Gum
This month included a lot of gum.  This one was grape flavored and was a fun ball shape.  As pictured, the center was jelly-like.  Was very juicy at first but also doesn't last long.

5. Kabaya Mixed Fruit Bottle Candy
A basic, fun hard candy in fruit flavors.  It comes in a nice plastic container that is easy to carry around with you.  Perfect for when you need some sweets on the go.

6. Kracle Dodotto Octopus Eggs DIY Kit
Didn't try this one yet either but it looks like you use the octopus container to suck up the candy liquid and then squeeze out tiny balls to make octopus eggs.  Looks fun to make.

7.  Kanro Pure Mini Gummies
This one was my favorite!  It was a really tasty strawberry flavored gummy.  There were only 6 pieces inside and I already finished it all.

8. Calbee Vegetable Snacks
A cute little bag of crispy veggie snack chips.  Very addicting.

9.  Lotte Pokemon Ramune Candy
This had cute packaging but I thought it tasted just ok.  Powdery pill candy that tasted like pineapple.

10. Tohato Caramel Corn
This was actually in my July Kawaii box that I received.  I wonder how often they've re-used some of their treats or put in both boxes.  But I don't mind, I'm glad I was introduced to these.  It's a very tasty snack.

I hope you liked my review and would consider trying out box for yourself!  If you are interested please use my referral link.

Japan Candy Box has graciously offered to give away one of their boxes to one of my readers.  You can enter below and the winner will be contacted after the giveaway ends.  Good Luck!

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