Review: Tricky Lashes

Monday, October 31, 2016

I received a pair of brand new 100% mink fur eyelash extensions from Tricky Hair to review.  Tricky Hair (, sells clip in hair extensions and 3D Mink Eye Lashes.  You can visit them and see their selection at Tricky Hair Extensions.

The lashes came nicely packaged in a box with magnetic closure.  They were really light and fluffy.  These lashes have a dramatic length and fullness but still looked very natural.

The band was thick enough to apply glue and put onto my eyelids but also very flexible and comfortable when worn.  I did not even notice them all night when I had them on.  

I like to wear lashes when I cosplay.  So I tried these lashes on a makeup look for a future cosplay I am working on, Red Riding Hood Miku Hatsune.  The lashes made my eyes look very large and dolly.  

I also wore them out with my Halloween costume as Suicide Squad Harley Quinn.  I think the lashes really completed my makeup look.  I felt very sexy and badass with the makeup style I had and costume that I made.  I'll have a DIY tutorial on it coming soon.

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