Review: Pusheen Box [Spring 2017 Edition]

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

The Pusheen Spring box was supposed to ship in mid-April but due to shipping delays it shipped at the end of April.  I received an email that it shipped on April 26th and it arrived on May 1st! 

I'm glad they shrink wrap the entire box this time.  In the past the sides were exposed so the box could get scuffed there and also my apartment complex marks packages with the apartment numbers.  I'm annoyed some of my boxes have been marked on the side since I want to keep these boxes.

Even though the box is protected from scuffing, it could still have some dings on the box when it makes it way to you.

I love the detail they put in designing these themed boxes.  Pusheen has bunny ears and a cottontail in back.

They always manage to puzzle everything so nicely inside.

1. Party Hat Pusheen T-shirt
This is a super cute and soft T-shirt.  I love the bright turquoise color.  A party hat pusheen as a T-shirt design seems a bit random to wear though, I would rather have a plain pusheen, unicorn, dinosaur etc.  But I know they chose it to go with the party theme they have in this box.

1. Bento Lunch Box
I literally squealed when I saw this bento box.  I have been dying to get a cute bento box but they're usually pretty expensive or not what I'm looking for.  I love how this has 2 layers that stack.  The top layer is sectioned into 2 sides.  The lid had a picture of pusheens face on it and it snaps on the sides of the box, keeping everything together.  It even comes with a turquoise band to also to safely hold it together.  I'm glad that it's also BPA free and dishwasher and microwave safe.

3.  Reusable Utensils
To go with the picnic/travel food theme, this Spring box came with resusable utensils.  There's a plastic spoon, fork, and knife.  While it is cute and resusable, the plastic feels like the kind that you would throw out after one use.  I would have liked it if the quality was better and it came with a carrying case.

4. Bottle Opener
This is a Pusheen shaped bottle opener.  At first I thought I wouldn't keep it because its so big and bulky, but then I saw there is a magnet on the backside!  I definitely would put this up on my fridge and it will be convenient to use when I need a bottle opener.

5. Wireless Speakers
This is pretty damn awesome.  This 2 in 1 Pusheen figure/speaker is portable and adorable to have on display when you're playing music.  As instructed, I charged it with the USB port before using it.  I connected by bluetooth to my phone and it worked well!
Update: After using it only two times, it stopped worked.  I hold the power button and it just doesn't turn on anymore.  I knew it wasn't great quality but I expected a longer lifespan.

6. Party Balloons

7. Pennant Banner

8. Photo Booth Props
A big theme in this Spring box is Party decorations!  While I normally would not care for it, I am pretty excited for these 3 items because I can use them as decor for my nieces' 1st birthday party that's coming up.  The balloons have pusheens face on them too! 

9. Selfie Stick
I was extremely excited to see there was a selfie stick but then I was disappointed.  I've been wanting to get my own selfie stick because it's great to use when you're traveling.  When I took it out of the box I immediately noticed the poor quality (many of the items in these boxes are specially made in china for Pusheen Box).  I think it's still very cute and it actually does work well.  The handle is this sponge cushion that I feel would tear and get easily dirty if you throw it around in your bag.  The plastic where the phone goes and rotates with feels very cheap and flimsy.  I'm afraid it would snap if I'm not careful.  I really wish the quality was just a bit better, I would have loved to keep it.  I tried putting my phone in it and it holds it pretty tight.  The good thing about this type of selfie stick is that you don't need to charge it.  You just plug in the white cord to your headphone jack (if your phone has one) and it immediately connects to your camera.  Just press the button on the selfie stick and it'll take a photo.  Still a good working basic selfie stick.

10. Bunny Pusheen Vinyl Figure
Another cute vinyl figure from the Pusheen Box.  Pusheen is wearing bunny ears and tail and has a little yellow ducky on its back.

Overall I loved this box.  I've been with Pusheen Box for a year now and it's really hard to pick a favorite box!  Each time I am just amazed at the quantity and uniqueness of the items in the box.  Sometimes a few items fall short but then other items make up for it.  My favorite item in this box is the Bento Box!  I think it's well constructed and just like any other plastic bento box I would purchase.  The color theme in this box had a lot of pastels.  Mostly turquoise with some light pink and yellow, and of course grey.  While it may not be useful for everyone, the party theme was very cute and I think the travel items, bento box, utensils, selfie stick, wireless speakers were really well thought out.  

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