Otakon 2013

Monday, August 12, 2013

Just a quick update, since I had to go straight to Philadelphia for work this week after the convention.  This was my second year at Otakon!  It was a lot of fun but also very tiring.  Since I am part of staff, I see a limited part of the convention and work during the con hours.  I was able to enjoy wearing my cosplays and join in on some photoshoots gatherings.  My cosplay line up was Friday - Princess Serenity from Sailormoon, Saturday - Spellthief Lux from League of Legends, and Sunday - Chihiro with No Face from Spirited Away

These are all new costumes I made this year.  Im suprised I accomplished this much and very happy with how they all came out.  It was my first time wearing Princess Serenity at Otakon.  I did a group with my friends who cosplayed Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, and Prince Darian.  This costume was not too complicated.  I will describe how I made it and materials I used in a future post, stay tuned :)

I love my Lux costume.  I spent most of the time making the hood.  I used a pattern and sewed it up, with purple fabric for the rims, and even the detailed patches on the back.  I used a lavender fabric paint to make the designs on it.  The staff was made out of a wood branch and covered with paper clay.  It was then painted with acrylic paint.  It was very easy to walk around in and its always fun to have a prop XD

This was one of my easiest costumes.  It was very easy to replicate the top and pants and just sew it up.  The No Face mask took the most work.  We used foam, paper mache, paper clay and then paint.  My next post will give step by step instructions and pictures on how I made it.

My pictures from the photoshoots will be up on my facebook later this week, check back and like me at Reeni Cosplay!

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