Alice in Wonderland Inspired Bridal Shower

Saturday, October 12, 2013

I want to share with you all a lovely bridal shower I attended and was a part of organizing as a bridesmaid. The brides' sister (maid of honor) decided on the theme of Alice in Wonderland.  So we created a lot of sweet and savory treats for the guests and made cute Alice themed decorations. 

For my outfit, i wore something floral and lacy, seemed appropriate for the occasion :)

I decided to make cream puffs!  It was my first time too, and they turned out pretty well.  I used a recipe from Joy of Baking.

For decorations, i made Alice in wonderland signs that said "drink me" for the teacups, "eat me!" with a toothpick to stick on the food, and "take me!" for the bridal shower favors.  I do a lot of scrapbooking so I had different types of cardstock paper, used a stencil for the tag shapes, and different types of ribbon to tie.

The finished results at the shower!

The maid of honor decorated the house with fresh flowers, rabbit decorations and framed photos and quotes from the storybook.

Spiked peach iced tea and blueberry raspberry green tea ;) Recipes can be found here.

An adorable sock cheshire cat from Etsy!

A friend offered to make whimsical teacups in pottery class using classic illustrations drawn by John Tenniel.

Aren't they amazing!  They even have a 'drink me' sign on the inside.

Bon appetite!

Another bridesmaid made heart shaped tea bags.  

All you need is:
-thick red string
-large sewing needle
-coffee filter
-your choice of tea

Cut out 2 heart shapes and sew almost all the way, leaving a hole to fill with tea.  
You can open up regular tea bags or buy loose leaf tea to fill.  
Finish sewing up the heart and leave a few inches of thread to attach the tea end.  
I added playing card designs as the tea ends.  

Our inspiration came from Etsy and Home Shoppe blog.

We gave cute tea infusers as favors^^

The shower was a success and everyone enjoyed the food, games, and wonderful company.  A lot of credit goes to the maid of honor for making this theme come together!

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  1. Thank you SO much for doing this for me! I loved this party! It was full of whimsy, quirk, and class!

  2. Ahhh everything looks so nice and yummy! Nice outfit too :D


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