Part 2: Hatsune Miku Cosplay (Append Version) - Outfit

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Take a look at Part 1 to see how I made the props for my Hatsune Miku Append Cosplay.

For the top, I bought a long sleeved turtleneck unitard on Ebay and altered it.  I removed the sleeves, and used the excess to sew a strip down the middle of the unitard in the front (to replicate Miku's outfit with the strip/tie in the middle).  The teal tabs are cut from foam and then lightly sewn onto the unitard. A teal colored scrapbooking paper in the same shape, was glued on top of the foam, then wrapped in clear tape to keep it intact and shiny.  

For convenience, I cut apart the bottom of the unitard and added snap on buttons.  It makes it a looot easier to go to the bathroom, without having to unzipper the tight costume and take off the pants every time.

I sewed a line down on the underside of the unitard, to give the 2 sides line detail of the top.

I altered the turtleneck but cutting open the front and back of it.  For the front, I made it a little lower than the sides, and  sewed a piece of foam and teal color paper ( in the same way as the ones on the body and pants).

Miku's collar looks stiff so to give that effect, i cut out 2 retangular shaped plastic (such as plastic from packages) and slipped it into the collar on both sides and sewed it shut.  That completes the details for the top.  Things I did not do were the gray marks on the collar and symbols on both her hip area.

The pants are uniquely shaped, with the sides going all the way up and the inner thighs are exposed.  I bought 2 faux leather/liquid/wet leggings from Ebay.  With one of the leggings, I pretty much cut a check shape on both legs.  Leaving the waistband intact so that you can still wear it like pants.  The pants are worn first, the unitard is worn OVER the pants.  This allows the pants to stay on and still look just like Miku's.  The leggings I bought were a bit short, so I actually used excess fabric to extend the bottom longer, while also making the pointed shape at the end like Miku's.  And sewing on the tabs at the bottom.

The hard part is keeping the triangle Up in the inner thigh.  I made the area thicker and sturdier with stiff fabric (I used white here, but black would be best of course).  At first I thought to use spirit glue on the tab, and it would stick to my leg.  But because I am walking all the time, or sitting (and my skin stretches), it did not stay on very well.  The next time I wore the costume, I fixed it by adding a popsicle stick.  It is glued to the teal tab and it held the triangle upright very well!

I bought 2 faux leather leggings so that I could use the fabric from the second pair to make the sleeves.  I hand sewed it to be a 1 fingered glove.

Velcro was sewn on the tops to attach the foam bands.  From the pictures you can see the gloves and the pants have a bit of white gradient.  I used white spray paint.  I attempted to get the white gradient like Miku has.  But I didn't like the outcome so much, it looked a bit messy.  The fabric I used didn't absorb the spray paint that evenly.

Here are some work in progress pictures I took along the way :)

1st wig, a darker green blue color, and it shed a lot.

2nd wig I bought. More expensive but I love the color and quality a lot more.

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