Sona Progress: Long Blue Gown

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The long blue gown was the first thing I started in this costume, and i recently finished the top of it. I found a semi-shiny royal blue color fabric that was on sale, $4 a yard, and bought 5 yards. Decided to make a 3/4 circle skirt, since a full circle would make a really full skirt and I don't want it that big. The width of the fabric is 45" (JUST enough for it to reach the ground for me. I'm 5'3.  So adjust accordingly how long you want it).   I folded the fabric 3x at 45" and cut off the excess. This used 3.75 yards of fabric.  Using a piece of string that is 45" inches long, tape it down at the bottom left corner.  Move the string from the top left to the bottom right, marking it with chalk as you go.  Cut along this dotted line marking.  Open up the fabric and connect the 2 ends and sew!

I'm not a great seamstress, everything is just self taught and guessing around.  For the top, I simply cut out a piece of fabric and wrapped it around my body (oh how I wish I had a mannequin!) and pinned where I needed to add darts to make it more form fitting.  I had to re-do this about 4 times before it was the way I liked it.  I then connected the top to the bottom.  For the back closure, I am just using velcro since it is a costume and will be hidden.  I'll update on some more Etwahl progress next!

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