Pax East 2014 Re-Cap

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I am back from my first time at Pax East, and it was so much fun!  I had been waiting for months to go, and now i'm so sad it's all over.  My cosplay line-up was Spellthief Lux on Friday and Classic Sona on Saturday.

So this is what our car looked like on the 4 hour drive up to Boston haha.  We had juuust enough room..with 4 people in the car.  It was 2 costumes of mine and 2 costumes from my friend, plus lots of clothes, makeup, emergency craft supplies, etc.

When we got there around 11am, it was so crowded!  I couldn't believe the amount of people in the Expo room.  I've never been to a con where the location is so big and so packed.  I could barely walk, and I was in a simple costume too..  Lines everywhere @_@

So here's an awesome picture when i was on stage in my Spellthief Lux costume :)

Photo by Orange Mochi Photography

Afterwards, I had a shoot with Xen Photography.  Here's a preview!  I loveee this picture <3  This may be my last time wearing Lux so I really wanted to get some nice pictures of it, especially outdoors.  

Photo by Xen Photography

And here's the climax on Saturday - Day 2.  OMGGG our Sona Trio came out sooo good.  I am so happy everytime I see pictures of our group.  We worked so hard on our costumes the past couple of months.  We received a lot of love from everyone <3 

Photo by PuntoDeAries

If you participate in the Cosplay Show, you get a goodie bag at the end ^____^ I got two of them.  So awesomeeee.  Here's the stuff I got inside.

One of the highlights of PAX was seeing and meeting so many of the cosplayers I follow on facebook.
One of them being Bonnie Cosplay.  We found her before we lined up for the Riot booth Cosplay Show.  Her Aether Wing Kayle was amazing.  Me and my friend have been following her progress on this costume, she is so talented!

We also met Jynx Art & Cosplay.  She is so pretty, I love her.  Also super sweet in person.  She loved our Sona group.  She tweeted back to me and visiting my page... I never thought I'd say this but, "senpai noticed me ;_; "  She's also done an amazing Pentakill Sona, definitely the best I've seen.  (I'll post a picture with her later)

And lastly, we took a picture with Vickybunnyangel Cosplay!  We were fangirling so much ^o^  This is probably my favorite picture during the convention.  She also makes an amazing Arcade Sona.  It would make my dreams come true if Jynx and Vickybunnyangel had a photoshoot with us <3 <3

::More pictures on my facebook cosplay page Reeni Cosplay::

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