Sona Progress: Designing and Painting (Etwahl - Part 3)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Take a look at Part One and Two on how the base and paper mache process was done.

After you have sanded it as smooth as you can, you are ready to add the designs on the instrument.  I am using craft foam to give it that 3D design.  I drew the designs in pencil, free-hand, directly on the plaster.  It was a pretty great canvas to work on.  To copy over the design, I traced it on tracing paper.  I only have to do one side, and then mirror the other side.

Using the tracing paper stencils, I drew and cut it out of foam.  Small detail, but for the center pieces I gave it a 3D look by overlapping the music note (as you can see in the yellow and black)

I used a glue gun to attach all the foam designs to the instrument.  This is the end result:

Same idea goes for the wings.  Draw out the design, make the stencils, and cut it out of foam.  

Use a glue gun to attach the foam.

Next, you need to prime the plaster and foam for the next step (spray painting).  I used Mod Podge.

All done sealing the instrument!

And here is the instrument after adding 2 layers of Rustoleum Gold Spray paint.  Can be found at Walmart for about $4.  I had just enough with 1 can for the entire costume, without giving a second layer on the bottom side.

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