Sona Progress: Wig Styling

Sunday, April 27, 2014

For the wig, I am using my old Hatsune Miku Append wig I bought from eBay ($40).  Any Miku wig would work for Sona.  This append wig is a lighter turquoise than most, with a mix of white hairs, which I think suits Sona.  The hard thing about using a Miku wig is that you won't have the yellow ends like Sona.  If you decided to buy a white wig from scratch, you can dye it blue and gradient to yellow.  This tutorial is to show how to apply the yellow tips for an already turquoise wig.  I bought a pack of 10 yellow extensions from eBay ($8~).  They were pretty thin and super bright yellow.  Honestly, I didn't know what I was doing, and wasn't expecting it to look that great.  But it turned out better than I thought, and blended pretty well without being too noticeable.

This is what I had to work with. 

I cut off about 19 inches off the 40 inch pigtail. I'm crying on the inside.

Had to learn how to make wefts.  There are many tutorials online.  I made mine kind of sloppy but I didn't care, it'll all be hidden.  I got a strip of sheer fabric, and spread the hairs on it and sewed.  I kept repeating this process until all the hair was layered and firmly attached on the strip.

This is after several layers  until all the hair was sewn down. 

I used hot glue for extra security.

Time to add the yellow extensions.  I removed the extension clips.

I separated 5 strands of the weft out (towards the inside middle), and used hot glue to wrap around the yellow extension.

Here all 5 yellow extensions have been attached.

Now back to the upper pigtail clip.  I wanted the blue wig to look like it naturally blended in with the yellow.  I will be using "hair chalk" method.  I bought a pack of soft pastels to dye the blue wig into yellow.  If you don't want to use extensions, I think this method could have worked too, the yellow just won't be as vibrant.  I was also afraid it would look a bit green (mixing blue with yellow).  Just pack on more color if it does.

I wet the hair first.  And worked in strands.  Rubbing the chalk in a downward motion on the blue ends.

There is no specific procedure.  I colored 1 pigtail after the weft+extension was attached already.  And worked on my second pigtail (before weft+extension was applied)

Attach the weft by rolling it up and using thread and weave in and out of the hair clip attachment at the top.  The weft will be hidden in the middle.  Use the upper pigtail hair to cover around the weft.

I forgot to mention, you should layer the upper pigtail ends (can do this before and/or after adding weft).  The layers will allow it to blend into the yellow better and not look to thick and abrupt change.  Trim until it looks perfect :)

Here is the completed wig.  It would have been nicer with more yellow extensions for a fuller look but I am pretty satisfied with the outcome with what I had to work with.  My instrument also lands right around where the color blends, so the wig color change is not even that noticeable in pictures.

You can follow my cosplay progress on my Facebook Page

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  1. Thank you SO much for this tutorial. I've been on Google for hours and this is perfect.

    1. Your welcome! :D haha I actually googled around when I had to make mine too. I didn't find anything I had hoped for, but I was able to take a lot of different ideas and methods to put it together the way I wanted it to come out. Glad you found my tutorial helpful. If you have any questions just ask^^

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