Korean Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Sunday, May 04, 2014

me & my fiance

I was planning a trip to Korea last year, and also wanted to get Korean pre-wedding photos done while I was there.

You can read about my own Korean PS experience HERE~

What is a pre-wedding photoshoot?

Engagement shoots in the US are typically a couples shoot at a location of choice, with casual clothes after you get engaged.  Pre-wedding photoshoots are when you take posed pictures in wedding dresses and tux as if its your wedding day and even casual and traditional outfits.  On the day of your wedding, it can be pretty hectic and rushed and hard to take perfect pictures.  Pre-wedding shoots allow you to rent bridal gowns and tuxes, get your hair and makeup done, and take wedding pictures before your wedding day that you can display at your wedding reception and create a beautiful album.  You can get dressy or casual, and you can also pick a type of theme you like.  This is really popular in Asia.  I especially love how romantic and sweet Korean style photo studios are.  You'll see what I mean soon.

Since I am not Korean and my fiance is not that confident in his Korean and as involved with the search, I initially looked through a lot of middle companies that help you book a photography studio in Korea.  Most of them provide help in booking hotels or accomodations, transportation, translator, makeup, hair, dresses/tuxes, photographer, dress helper.  All the third party agents I found provided similar packages and prices with some minor differences.  These middle companies have connections with many photo studios in Korea.  Meaning, if you find a studio you like, you may likely find a middle company that provides a better package for you, offering that specific studio.

In the end, I decided to contact them directly.  We had his parents help communicate with a studio we picked, through email.  And my fiance can speak well enough to talk to them once we meet them on our shoot day.  I found out that this way is a lot cheaper, nearly half the cost.  But I understand not everyone can have the opportunity to do this.  So what I want to share in this post is all the third party agencies I contacted and the packages they had.  Prices were quoted in January 2013.

Hanja Wedding
Thoughts: This was first website I found in my search.  This company works solely with Chungdam Studio in South Korea.  I did not book with this company, but surprisingly I did pick Chungdam Studio (by working directly with the studio)!  I liked a lot of their sets. They also had the best package price for this studio out of all the companies I've looked at.  Cons that some people may find with Hanja would be that they only offer 1 studio and you don't get to choose the hair and dress salon, and makeup.  They are all done in-house.  I and not that picky and was happy with what they offered so it was not a problem for me.

Singapore Based
Website: www.chungdam-wedding.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/koreanstudiohttps://www.facebook.com/hanjawedding
Contact: Tel: 65 9228 5306 E-mail: mark@hanjamarketing.com
Address: Red Dot Building, 28 Maxwell Road, #03-05, Singapore 069120
Package Details:
- Korean style in-house make-up and hairdo
- Korean studio in-house experienced photographer for ~4 - 5 hours indoor
- 4 gown changes for bride (wedding gown, evening gown, mini-dress, traditional Korean gown (Hanbok))
- 1 Tuxedo with various jackets for groom and different vests and accessories
- Pickup from Hotel to Studio and back
- 20 page Premium Korean Wedding Album - 12" x 15" and 22 edited photos printed in album
- Korean style in-house make-up and hairdo
- Korean studio in-house experienced photographer for ~4 - 5 hours indoor
- 4 gown changes for bride (wedding gown, evening gown, mini-dress, traditional Korean gown (Hanbok))
- 1 Tuxedo with various jackets for groom and different vests and accessories
- Pickup from Hotel to Studio and back
- 20 page Premium Korean Wedding Album - 12" x 15" and 22 edited photos printed in album
- Korean style in-house make-up and hairdo
- Korean studio in-house experienced photographer for ~4 - 5 hours indoor and ~2 hours outdoor photoshoot
- 4 gown changes for bride (wedding gown, evening gown, mini-dress, traditional Korean gown (Hanbok))
Note: Choose only one of evening gown, mini-dress or casual outfit for outdoor photoshoot
- 1 Tuxedo with various jackets for groom and different vests and accessories
- Pickup from Hotel to Studio and back
- 30 page Premium Korean Wedding Album - 12" x 15" and 32 edited photos printed in album
JEJU ISLAND OUTDOOR (March to November) - SG 4,288
- Korean style in-house make-up and hairdo
- Korean studio in-house experienced photographer for ~4 - 5 hours
- 4 gown changes for bride (wedding gown, evening gown, mini-dress)
- 1 Tuxedo with various jackets for groom and different vests and accessories
- Pickup from Hotel to Studio and back
- 30 page Premium Korean Wedding Album - 12" x 15" and 32 edited photos printed in album
Additional Information:
-all high-res photos on CD (300+ photos)
 - Videography: SEOUL INDOOR- SGD 840, SEOUL INDOOR & OUTDOOR - SGD 1,155 
Ido Wedding
Thoughts: This one seems really popular.  Discussed a lot on the forum, and a lot of likes on facebook.  Their initial email response is not that friendly or informative.  You will need to let them know you are traveling to Korea and ask for more details.

Singapore Based
Website: http://www.ido-wedding.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/idowed
Contact: Tel: 65 6452 0028 E-mail: askus@ido-wedding.com
Address: 87 Tanjong Pagar Rd, Singapore 088508
Package Details:

  • Price Range: $3-4k USD
  • Incl. Concept Photography,
  • Incl. Gown & Tuxedo,
  • Incl. Hair & Make-up Styling,
  • Incl. Local Transportation(in Seoul),
  • Incl. Interpreter, 
  • Incl. Customised Wedding Album,
  • Incl. Photo Frame,
  • Incl. Original CD,
  • Free! Edited files,
  • Free! Airport Transfer
Thoughts:  They have a great website showing many of the studios in Korea with the actual studio names.  (making it easier to match pictures to studio names and finding out more information about them).  They offer a selection of studios, hair salon, and bridal shops to pick from.
South Korea Based
Website: http://www.weddingritz.com/index.php?mid=textyle&category=124831&vid=en
Facebook: www.facebook.com/weddingritz
Contact: Tel:  82-2-515-4235 E-mail: ritzmaster@weddingritz.com
Address: 58-6, 2F Samseongdong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Package Details:

  • Price Range: $2500 to $3800 USD basic package
  • 2 Day: Day 1 for dress fitting, Day 2 for makeup, hair, photoshoot
  • 20 Page album (extra 10 pages for $200 fee)
  • 20R framed photo
  • Delivery fee included (EMS)
Dress, Makeup, Accessories:
  • Bride: 2 long wedding gowns, 1 colored dress
  • Groom: 1 tuxedo
  • 1 time makeup and hairstyling for bride and groom
  • may bring casual wear
Additional Information:
  • Consultant providing translation services for both days
  • Dress helper fee ($150)
  • Copy of original CD with all pictures taken + retouched (20-30) photos for $250
  • After booking and contract is sent to you, you have 3 days to wire the deposit, remaining balance paid on first day of office visit
  • Additional fees: Han Bok (traditional Korean costume) for both bride and groom $400, Videography, Hair extensions, upgraded salon/shop
Schedule and Shooting time :
Our customers usually stay in Korea about 4-7 days. They enjoy pre-wedding shooting and traveling as well. However, it is also possible to do within 2~3 days.

Day 1 : Visit a wedding dress shop (Dress Tour day)
The first day after you arrive here in Korea, we will meet you at our office to check with you the selection of photo studio sample book, And move on to the dress shop to try on dresses and tuxedos. 
Please be advised that dress shops usually don’t make sample books because they have new styles at each season. So it is good idea to choose dress shop based on the overall atmosphere.
The next day, we will meet you at our office first, and then visit salon together for your hair&make-up. First, you will be able to check out the scrap book for your decision and we will tell the hair designer your desired hair style.
After your decision, the bride and the groom will receive make-up and hair styling. 

Upon arriving at the photo studio, the photographers will show you the sample book in order to let you know how the photo shoot will proceed.
The photo shoot will take about 4~5 hours.
And, dress helper will help you to change the dress, jewelry and hair accessories (earring, tiaras, veil, corsage and hair bands etc.), hair style and make-up retouch.
*** Please prepare black plain socks (no fashion socks) for groom.

Hotel & air ticket :
We don't supply air ticket and hotel booking service.
(Please check out our website for information of our partner company.)

Selecting photos :
After photo shooting, original copied CD will be made within 1 or 2 weeks. Once we receive them, we will email you all the photos first. Then, you will have to select photos (20pages or 30pages), and email us back with photos and numbers of the photos.

In the Original copied CD, usually about 250-400 pre-edited photos are included. Almost all taken pictures will be included. (Except NG cut)
And selected 20 or 30 photos for your album will be edited. These edited photos will be in the Retouched CD.

You will have to select one photo that you would like it to be printed out for the framed photo (about 20R).
Album size is usually 12*14(in). Size of the album will be vary, depends on the studio.

Completed album and delivery :
The album will be completed about 3 months after the customer's selected photos are submitted.
We will send you one album, one original copied CD and one selected framed photo by EMS. 
Onlyou Wedding
Thoughts: Information sent in email reply. I've listed it all here.  Will have to contact them to let them know what studio, hair salon, and bridal shop you choose.

Singapore Based
Website: http://koreawedding.wix.com/onlyouwedding
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Wedding.OnlyoU
Contact: E-mail: korea-wedding@live.com
Package Details:

  • Price Range: $3000 USD
  • 30 Pages Luxury Photo Album [size - 12~14inch]
  • 1 Big Photo with Frame [size - 20~24inch]
  • A CD with ALL Digital Copies of Photos including 30 retouched photos
  • Professional Personal Make-up Artist and Hairstylist [ Included false eyelashes & wig]
  • Designer Wedding Gowns [2 White & 1 Color] – FREE provide necklaces, earrings, garland, crown, flower head, veil, heels ; Tuxedo [1] –with shirt, tie, bow tie, vest etc.
  • Senior Private Assistant is provided
  • Chinese Interpreter is provided [* English Interpreter with additional cost]
  •  Simple Meal on Shooting Day is provide
  • Transportation Cost/ Arrangement on Photo Shooting Day [This is applied only if you stay in our recommended HOTELS]
  • International Courier Services with Parcel Insurance
  • FREE Pre-consultation for Photo shoot and Styling
  • FREE Seoul City Tour & Accommodation Advisory Service
  • FREE - Customers are allowed to bring your OWN Traditional Custom and Couple Tee for additional photo shooting.
Additional Information:
  • 2 Days is required for completion of Seoul Studio Photography Session
  • Day 1 : For Selection of Wedding Gown & Tuxedo (1 – 2 hours)
  • Day 2 : Photo Shooting Day
* Current Promotion * ~ For all choosing intermediate standard of Bridal Studios, we will FREE you additional 1 set of mini skirt gown.
Sarang Wedding
Thoughts: This was a favorite of mine.  They had the lowest price for a studio that I really liked (Photo Museum Studio).  One thing that bothered me was that they initially required full payment from overseas customers.  I was able to talk them to 50% payment deposit, but I still had to pay by bank transfer, and I was just not comfortable with that, since it was still a huge amount of money with nothing but a receipt after I send the money.  They seem like a legitimate company and I've found nothing negative about them.  So it's really up to you and what you are comfortable with.
"For local customers, we require 50% deposit upon confirmation and the remaining 50% would be due one month before departure.  For overseas customers, we require full payment."

"you can pay by local transfer in Hong Kong (the bank charges would be 0 in this case).  I will issue a receipt once we received the payment and your transfer slip copy.  I will also send you the information pack one month before the depature, together with the receipt for your 2nd payment."

"For overseas orders, we need full payment upon the confirmation of the quotation.  If you wanted to book the studio by us, you need to provide us: 1. Name of groom and bride; 2. Contact Number; 3. Delivery Address; 4. Preferred dates for shooting.  We would then issue a quotation to you listing all the services provided and the terms for your checking and confirmation.  Once you confirmed our quotation by email, we would hold the dates for you for 7 days and you need to transfer the payment to our Hong Kong HSBC account by remittance to confirm the place.  Please send us the transfer slip after you have made the payment.  If we do not hear from you after 7 days - we would assume you no longer want to confirm the service.  (Please note that you shall pay all the bank charges for the remittance process) We would then issue a receipt to you and one month before your departure, we would issue you an information pack listing all the information you need to notice and prepare!  ^^"
They also wouldn't send the information pack earlier in advance, even if I have paid a deposit.  It would give me a better piece of mind to know what I am paying for and expecting.  Most other studios allowed a deposit and the full amount on the day of arrival/when services are rendered.  They made some minor mistakes in the contract which I had to correct them two times (incorrect month and date, number of dresses).  My aunt also called them in Hong Kong and they didn't sound that accommodating to meet at their office.  It's just these little things that had me worried.  I understand it is for their own safety too for these rules.  So in the end, I decided not to go with them.  I heard later on that they accept PayPal.  This might be a good option.
Hong Kong Based
Website: http://www.sarangwedding.wordpress.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sarangwedding
Contact: E-mail: sarangwedding@gmail.com
Package Details:

  • Price Range: $19,800 HKD and up
  • 2 Days: Day 1 dress fitting; Day 2 make up, hair, photoshoot
  • 30 Retouched Photos in a photo album in High Qualified Papers
  • 20R Photo with Frame
  • A CD with all Digital Copies of All Photos and 30 retouched photos
Dress, Makeup, Accessories:
  • Bride: 2 long wedding gowns, 1 short wedding gown OR 1 evening gown (they offered a promotion to give both, total 4 dresses)
  • Groom: 1 Tuxedo
  • Professional Make Up and Hair Styling Services
  • Provision of Senior Dress Assistant
  • Provision of Professional Translator
  • Transportation Arrangement Service within Gangnam area
  • Provision of Light Lunch on Photo Shooting Day
  • Delivery of photo products to Hong Kong or designated country
Additional Information:
  • Photo selection process:  They will give you a DVD containing all the photos you take on the day - then - after you make the selection you need to send us your selection (both in photo number and the photos) then we will forward your selection to the studio.  Before the studio printed out the 20R and the album, they would send us the retouched photos in a link - and then we will send to you for your final comments.  Any comments you made we will forward to the studio again and they will try to retouch the photos again with your comments - then print out the products.
  • Hanbok optional, $3000HKD
  • Groom brings own socks and shoes
  • Makeup and Dress upgrade $3800 HKD
S.A. Wedding
Thoughts: They are a bit high priced, but seem very reliable.  A very popular youtube beauty guru, Bubzbeauty, blogged about her own experiences with using this company.

Hong Kong Based
Website: http://www.saseoul.com/s.a.wedding/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/saweddingkorea
Contact: Tel: 852 2366 8088 E-mail: sawedding@sagroup.co
Address: Unit 1301, 102 Austin Road, TST,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Package Details:
  • Price Range: starting at $23000 HKD
  • 1 Day, 4-5 hours studio shooting; 1 Day, 7-8 outdoor shooting
  • 30 page album of retouched photos
  • Photo selection at our Korea or Hong Kong office or Online
  • Delivery is included From Korea to Hong Kong and Macao
  • 20R framed oil painting canvas
  • all high-res photos on CD
Dress, Makeup, Accessories:
  • Bride: 1 long wedding gown, 1 short wedding Gown, 1 evening gown
  • Groom: 1 suit or tuxedo
  • may bring casual wear
  • Bride and Groom professional Korean hairstyle and makeup (2-2.5 hours)
  • SA Wedding professional translation services (Korean/Chinese/English)
  • SA Wedding assistant dresser for changing and makeup retouch
  • transportation services
  • salon upgrades (L.K.J. Hair Bis)
  • professional assistant from bridal salon to help assist in putting on and taking off gowns, makeup and lifting the dress during the shoot
  • Optional: Korean style video shooting
Additional Information:
To be updated

MiAmour Wedding Studio 
Thoughts: I emailed them in english, but they emailed me back in chinese.  Didn't ask further if they had an english version of their information packets.  I translated what I could.  Sorry if I mistranslated anything. Leave a comment with your email if you would like the original detailed copy.

Hong Kong based
Website: http://www.miamorhk.com/aboutus.php
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/MiAmor-Wedding-Studio/297009857000183
Contact: Tel: 2640-1314  E-mail: 1314@miamorhk.com  
Address: Rm 601, No.23 Hillwood Rd, T.S.T, Kowloon, H.K
Package Details:
  • Price Range: $ 21,000 up to $ 34,000 HKD
  • 1 Day; 5 hours shooting
  • 30 page album of retouched photos
  • 20R Photo Frame
  • all high-res photos on a CD
  • includes shipping of album and 20R frame
  • Bride: 2 long wedding gowns, 1 short wedding gown, 1 evening gown
  • Groom: 1 shirt, 1 pants, 2 jackets, matching vests and ties
  • Bride and Groom shoes, Bridal hair and jewelry accessories
  • Bride and Groom professional Korean hairstyle and makeup
  • Cantonese or Mandarin translation services throughout the shoot day
  • limousine and airport shuttle throughout the shoot day
  • female assistant throughout the shoot day
  • anything over the included 5 hours is $1000HKD per hour
  • if hair is not long enough, and wig/extensions are used, fees accordingly
  • salon upgrades 
SignLove Korea
Thoughts:  I don't know much about this one other than contacting them for their package.  It was sent in Chinese.  Leave a comment with you email if you would like to see the original detailed copy.

Hong Kong Based
Website: http://www.signlovecare.com.hk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/signlovekoreaprewedding
Contact: Tel: 59737889 E-mail: koreaprewedding@signlove.com.hk

Address: RM906, 9 / F, Sterling Center, 11 Cheung Yue Street, Lai Chi Kok
Package details:
  • Price Range: starting from $21,800
  • 1 Day, 4-5 hours shooting (no extra fee if exceed 5 hours)
  • All high-res photos on CD, guarantees 200+ photos
  • 20R (20"x24") framed oil painting canvas
  • 30 page album (14"x12")
Dress, Makeup, Accessories:
  • Bride: 2 long wedding gowns, 1 short wedding gown, 1 evening gown
  • Groom: Dress shirt, trousers, vest, bow tie, girdle, suit vest
  • Includes bridal hair accessories, earrings, bouquet, heels
  • Bride and Groom professional Korean hairstyle and makeup (no additional upgrade costs)
  • may bring casual wear
Additional Information:
  • Professional translator with full 2 days of trip
  • Shuttle bus on shooting day
  • Assistant will help with travel, basic makeup, and changing
  • 3 weeks after, photos will be selected. if layout exceeds 30 photos, no additional fee.

Ti amo Korea Wedding Photography
Thoughts: Information sent in email reply. I've listed it all here.

Hong Kong Based (Korea, Mayasia, Taiwan, Japan)
Website: http://www.tiamowedding.co.kr
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TiamoKoreaWedding
Customer Samples: http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/tiamokoreawedding/article?mid=1773&prev=1805&next=1760&l=f&fid=15
Contact: Tel: (HK) 852-5400 9731, E-mail:tiamoweddings@gmail.com
Address: 3A, Kimbry Court, 58-60A Kimberley Road, TST, Kowloon

Package Details:
  • Price Range:  HKD23800 or up
  • Big photo album with 30 pages of embellished pictures 
  • 1 pieces of 20"x24" Oil painting with frame
  • computer CD which saving all photos taken
  • we offer for Bride : 2 pieces of bridal veil- 2 pieces ,1 pieces of evening dress - 1 pieces ,- 1 pieces of mini bridal veil
  • we offer for Bridegroom : 1 sets of ceremonial cloth (we provide a lot of different neck tie styes for photo shooting), 1 jacket
  • Bride +Bridegroom : professional hair styling design and make up design
  • Assistant : We provide one-to-one assistant whole day during the day of photo shooting.
  • translators service for 2 days during the trip 
  • 4 nights hotel accommodations
  • pick up service between hotel and airport , and one-to-one  transportation service provided at the day of photo shooting. 
Thoughts: This company kindly contacted me to share their startup company with me (4/14/2016).  They provided me with all their information and details about their korean studio packages.  I'm very impressed with how organized their website is and the variety of services they are. 

Singapore-based online wedding photography marketplace. Couples can browse 13 Korean wedding studios that they like, mix it with the gown boutiques and makeup & hair salon. Sample works of all studios, gown, makeup and hair vendors are on this website. It's really convenient for couples to view everything online.
Website: http://www.onethreeonefour.com
Korean Studios Packages: http://www.onethreeonefour.com/korean-wedding-photography-studiosFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/1314weddingsContact: Tel: +65 9846 9045E-mail: hello@onethreeonefour.comAddress: 71 Ayer Rajah Road, #02-18, Singapore 139951

Prices range: USD 1964 to USD 2684
Pay deposit online to confirm booking
Package Details:- Incl. 3 Gowns 1 Suit
- Incl. Accessroies for bride and groom
- Incl. Hair and make-up styling
- Incl. Local transportation
- Incl. Hotel Pickup (in Gangnam)
- Incl. Personal Helper for Bride
- Incl. Interpreter
- Incl. 30 edited photos
- Incl. 30 pages albums (shipping fees are already included)
- Incl. All edited and unedited photos in DVD
Schedule:Day 1
1. Pickup from hotel
2. Payment for remaining amount
3. Gown selection and fitting
Day 2
1. Pickup from hotel
2. Makeup & Hairdo styling
3. Actual Photoshoot

Hopefully this list helps give you an idea of what to expect when booking for a korean pre-wedding photoshoot and some questions you can ask your company. It can help save you the trouble of contacting any that you don't have interest in and narrow down.  If you have any questions or want to see the emails and package details they sent me just leave a comment below or e-mail me at: mycutebow@gmail.com.

**I am still continuously updating this post to make it more organized**

You can read about my own Korean PS experience HERE~

**Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated with any of these companies.  These are my own opinions.  They were information they provided publicly in January 2013.  Please do not mention my name or blog to them as reference**

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    1. Thank you!! these photos were from a while ago, but we got back the pictures and album a few months later. Yes I did stock up XD

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    1. Hi Pam, i'm really sorry I thought i responded to this, it must have not went through. If you can speak korean with them or have someone help you, then yes it is possible. If you contact them in english then I think they have someone that can help you in english but prices may be different.

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