Sona Progress: Applying Gold Designs and Hairpieces Tutorial

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Sorry it's been a while since I posted!  Been busy with life.  Almost done with my Sona series!  This one will be about how I applied the gold music note designs and also how I made the hairpieces for her ponytails.

I used Heat n Bond (bought from Joann's).  I drew the music notes freehand, making each one as accurately sized as I can.  I didn't want to be lazy and use the same size for all the notes on her dress.  I traced the pattern on the flat paper side of the HnB sheet and roughly cut it out.

I laid the note on the wrong side of my fabric and ironed on the HnB sheet (with the bumpy side on the fabric).  I just placed the iron on for about 8 seconds and it adhered. 

I cut the note out of the fabric.  

Peel the HnB off the back of the fabric, like a sticker.

Space out all your notes in their respective spots.  Put the iron on the note for a few seconds.  See if it is bonded, if not, iron for a few more seconds.  

I really like how the designs came out for the back.  The backside of costumes are always under-appreciated ;)

I also added the gold notes that are on the backside of the blue gown.

I used thick foam from Michael's craft store.  I made it in 3 layers.  Basically a center piece that is in this shape below, and sandwiched it with 2 window pieces (hollowed out the middle with an exacto knife).  Hot glue the 3 layers together.

I used regular craft foam (thin) for the brown parts.  Don't hot glue it yet.  The white parts will be spray painted in gold, the thicker foam allows it to still give an elevated edge to them.

It was really hard o see the gold note designs from the 3D model, I tried the best I could.
Ps: I made some parts of the layers in 2-4 pieces because I had scrap pieces left. Hence the white and black combo on the left


To make 3 layers appear like its one, I used some old drydex I found.  It could have been better if I had a new container, but it got the job done.
Also, to make the hairpieces have a curved shaped, I held them in an oven to heat it up just a little and slowly bent and molded it to the shape I wanted.  Repeat the heating if it cools down before it is done.

All smoothed out with spackling.

Used gesso to prime the surface for spray painting.

Spray painted the rims and music notes.

Time to hot glue the brown foam.

Hot glue the gold pieces.  Use modge podge or something to seal if you'd like.

That is it.  The holes are there for the pigtail clip to go through and attach to your short wig.

You can follow my cosplay progress on my Facebook Page^^

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