Sona Progress: Finishing Touches (Etwahl - Part 4)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

So here's the last post of my Sona series!  The costume is pretty much done, but here are some details that enhance it some more.  Its hard to tell in pictures, but below is a picture of my instrument after it was spray painted  On the right side, I started weathering it.  I didn't take any pictures, but basically I used brown paint, water, and an old piece of cloth and jus rubbed every crevice.  I also used a dry brush with the paint, focusing on all the corners.  It helps bring out the details and make the prop look more worn and antique like.  To add to it more, I bought rub and buff in gold leaf.  Squeezed a little out of the tube and rubbed with my hands and then with the cloth to buff it.

With both sides weathered.

Here's a great before and after picture.  What a difference it makes!

To finish it off, I am using sky blue EL wire I bought from Ebay to make the strings.

I used a leather hold punch to make small holes to string the light through (also used foam pieces in hidden areas to keep the string in place and not be limp).

Here is the finished product!  The biggest and most time consuming prop I've made so far.  I had my doubts and worries, but it came out great and I'm really happy with it.  I made a lot of quick videos which I will one day make a compilation.  Check for it on my Youtube channel.

Thanks so much for reading and following my Sona progress!  Hope you enjoyed it and learned something too from my attempts to make cosplay :3  Next League of Legends cosplay is Frost Queen Janna!

You can follow my cosplay progress on my Facebook Page^^

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  1. Hei, How many meters and what kind of sky blue EL wire you bought on eBay?
    DC 3V + DC 12V?
    Do you also work as cosmaker?

    1. Hi! I bought 3Meters and I didn't have a choice between 3V or 12V, but I think its 3V because it uses 2 AA batteries..
      I think this might be my exact link:

      I occasionally do commissions and also have an Etsy shop :)

  2. That's amazing O.o How did you support it, did you use a strap around your waist?

    1. Thank you!! Sorry I forgot to mention that part, I used clear fishing wire that went from one end of the etwahl to the other, that goes around my neck. So it is actually hanging off me, and rested against my stomach. I made a cushion for the back of my neck so it would not cut into me.


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