Spellthief Lux Hood Tutorial

Friday, October 31, 2014

I started making my Spellthief Lux cosplay in December 2012.  It was my first sewing project with my new sewing machine^^  I found a red riding hood pattern and tutorial to get me started on the hood.  It can be found here:  fleecefun.com

Materials you need:
- 1.5 yards tan-brown fabric
-1/4 yard purple fabric
-lilac puffy 3D fabric paint squeeze bottle

Create the patterns.  I used the mini-caplet size.

Cut out all the pieces.

Follow the instructions and sew it together.

I added the purple edges.  You can do it however you like, I didn't want seams showing so I wrapped it to the underside and hand-sewed half of it.

I used a fabric squeeze bottle to draw on the swirly designs.  I stayed as true to the splash art/in-game as possible on the details.

And it's done!

My favorite part is the back.  I captured the design on the backside of the hood, even though its a small detail that most people won't see when you wear the costume.  Unfortunately I did not get any good pictures of my back in costume.

Everything Else

For the staff, it was not my best work.  I also never made a prop before.  I decided on using a wood stick as a base.  I covered and scupted the prop out of paper clay and let it dry.  It took very very long since it was so thick.  I painted over it with brown paint mixed with black.  I also used a box cutter to make slashes all over to give it a wood-like impressions.  It turned out alright, smaller than I would like, and was a bit fragile (would chip if it hit it by accident).  If I could re-do it, I would use expanding foam and paper mache/plaster.

For the Spellbook, I used an old book as a base.  I covered it with a sheet of brown foam.  I tried to make the foam leather-like by using brown markers over it and ironing it.  I also used a sharp point to make the swirling designs on the cover.  I sealed it with mod podge.  I bought 3 faux brown leather belts on Ebay.  2 were used for my waist and 1 was wrapped around the book (cut in 2 pieces to make the criss-cross).  I made a slit so that it acts like a belt look to be attached on my waist.  On the other side of my waist, I made a brown pouch bag from real leather scrap I bought.

With that leather scrap, I also made a body for my body with vials.  I bought empty test tubes on eBay, as close to size as I could find.  I wanted it to be like the design with Cork tops.  So I also bought cork tops on eBay, they were too big so i used a box cutter and trimmed them down until they fit into the test tube tops.  I filled the test tubes with mouth wash to get the blue-ish color.

I am very proud of my first sewing project and league of legends costume :)  I chose Lux because it's my fiance's favorite character.  I did not have the confidence to do classic Lux yet so I did another skin he liked which was Spellthief.  Now that I've gotten more experience with crafting, I hope to make Classic Lux one day!

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I do commisions for this hood WITHOUT the back design (it would cost extra), you can purchase at my Online Store or send me an inquiry (mycutebow@gmail.com).

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  1. Where did you get those silver bracelets/bangles ?

    1. For the upper cuff I bought on ebay, something like this:
      it was kinda tight and uncomfy to have on there. and for the lower bracelet I actually bought from a cheap beading/jewelry store in NYC, opened with a hinge.

  2. Did you make or buy the satchel on the right side, opposite the book? Working on a Spellthief Lux for Pax South.

    1. Hi Josylyn, I made it. But it's pretty simple, I bought leather scraps but u can find any thick faux fabric, and then punched holes in it with a leather puncher and used string to connect the pieces into a rectangluar bag with a top flap. Was able to use it as my purse to carry my phone, money, etc :)


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