[5.24.15] The Wedding Diaries continues...

Friday, July 24, 2015

Today marks 2 months since my wedding day 5.24.15.  It's hard to believe I had been planning it for 2 years and now its over.  I think I'm having post-wedding depression.  Thank goodness I have a lot of gorgeous wedding photos by YL Photography to remember the day by.  I got my photos back within 6 weeks after the wedding.  Which is amazing since I hear some brides wait over 6 months to a year to get their photos back.  Yanshu also had another wedding the day before mine too.  So I'm really happy how fast her turnaround is and how easy she is to work with.  There's so many pictures I want to share.

I can't imagine a more perfect wedding day.  The weather was gorgeous, all my plans went smoothly (for the most part), it was a touching ceremony, everyone looked beautiful, and the night ended with a romantic kiss under sparklers.

It's been 5 months since my last Wedding Diaries posts.  I've been really bad at keeping up with events.  I also didn't want to reveal all my wedding plans beforehand.  Now that the crazy busy part of my life is over, I want to update everything that has happened here and there.  I don't want to forget any details from these important moments in my life.  Look forward to some of these future Wedding Diary posts:

-Wedding Theme
-Wedding details and DIY
-Vegas Bachelorette

-Afternoon Tea Bridal Shower and floral crowns
-Greece Honeymoon and island hopping

xo Reeni

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