Love Bird Theme

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Having a "Love Birds" theme doesn't have to be cheesy.  Here are some of the ways I incorporated it into my wedding:

Thank You Gift
My wedding planning made a turn towards this theme when I found these cute bird salt and pepper shakers.  I thought it would be a very practical gift that guests can use.  This pair by Kate Aspen features light grey birds with attention to detail.  It came in 2 different sizes and I thought it matched us well since Kwang is very tall and I am petite.  From the website description they are actually meant to be a baby shower gift but that's ok, nobody would notice or mind.  I actually got really excited when I found out a popular Youtuber guru I follow also used them for her wedding.  I found that the best website to buy these in bulk was during one of their 30% promotion code sales.  They turned out to be only $2.41 per set after discount and shipping.  This website offers a huge variety of party planning products.  I would definitely shop with them again.  As tempting as it was, buying my thank you gifts knocked one less thing I would have to make for my wedding.  I added my own cardstock tag and stamped our initials and wedding date on it.  


I didn't want the thank you gifts to look like it was randomly selected, so I wanted to incorporate more bird related things in my wedding decor.  I was planning to make my own centerpieces to save money, and while I was at the craft store, I saw some floral birdcages displays, and it dawned on me!  I can make flower arrangements inside birdcages as my centerpieces.  It was perfect.  When i did a little research I actually found a lot of wedding inspiration on this type of centerpiece style.  I will go into more detail in a future post about creating my centerpieces and ordering wholesale flowers.  


My graphic design friend helped me make a love bird logo for our photobooth which I also used for our menus.  It incorporated my mint and pink colors with grey.

Cake topper
I searched around for love bird cake toppers but I either didn't like them or they were too expensive.  I was inspired by these felt bird toppers I found on pinterest and etsy and thought I could totally make these myself.  They turned out really cute and now I have them on display in my house.

Card Holder 

Lastly, I borrowed a birdcage card holder from my sister.  I decorated it with lace and burlap and made a sign for it.

Thanks for reading!
Did I inspire some ideas for your own wedding theme?

Wedding Photos by YL Photography

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