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Thursday, September 24, 2015


Horray!  I finally opened a facebook page for my brand "My Cute Bow".  I've debated over it, if I wanted another social media platform to maintain and if I would even have much content to update and followers interested.  So what made me bite the bullet?  My new friend Eugenia who is also an Etsy seller reached out to me about a collaboration, mycutebow X moobury.  Moobowy??  She suggested an idea, we brainstormed, and now our prototypes are almost ready! 

I opened my Storenvy last year in January, and Etsy in August, just to test the waters.  I was always interested in selling handmade crafts, but just didn't have the time and confidence.  I ended up making more sales than expected.  Since cosplaying and wedding planning kept me busy, I actually didn't advertise much and also closed my shop a few times.  But now that life is settling down, and new projects and ideas are arising, I realize this is definitely something I want to keep doing and expand on.  This Moobury Project wouldn't be possible without Eugenia's enthusiasm.  Stay tuned for our launch!

My facebook page will be focused on providing new product releases, costume commissions, work in progress, and also blog updates! 

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