Review: Pusheen Box [Summer Edition]

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I am so excited to receive my first pusheen box!  These boxes started in Winter 2015 and they've had the Winter and Spring box so far.  At first I passed on getting one because it was kind of expensive for me.  It is $43.95 plus $6 shipping = $49.95.   After seeing some reviews of the previous boxes to see if I wanted to get a future box, I really wish I had gotten the Spring Box!  It had a Spring and Baker's theme.  I would have loved everything inside.  From the apron to the cookie cutter to the umbrella and more.  It convinced me to give the next box a try, even though some things could still be a hit or miss for me.  I am quite picky when spending my money.  But it's worth a try because I think the value of these boxes are over $50.  Everything inside is exclusive and rare, meaning it's the first edition of the item or it is only available through the box and these boxes sell out fast.  So if there's something you don't really care to keep you can just give it away or sell it.

Lets begin!  So the box it is shipped in is the actual pusheen cardboard box with pusheens face and body on it .  In the summer edition pusheen is wearing his sunglasses.  The box is protected by a plastic wrapper around it.  Thankfully no damages to my box during shipping and it looks brand new.  But I can see how others could arrived dented or scratched if mishandled.

The bottom is so adorable.  It has pusheens cat prints on it.  The back also has a tail.

In a picture comparison I saw, this box is bigger than the previous boxes.  As you can see they stuffed a lot of big goodies this time! 

Inside was a card with a description of everything inside the box.  I just want to start out saying that I love pusheen and I love cute things.  I had a struggle if I wanted to buy the box only because I try to cut back on buying too much unnecessary things that I don't have room for in my house.  So while I may not keep some things, it does not mean it's not freaking cute and awesome.  I think this box has something for everyone.

First up is the vinyl figure.  It is a Mermaid Pusheen!  I love the mermaid pusheen concept I've been seeing and to have it as a vinyl figure makes me so happy.

back side
I think this is the cutest of the vinyl figures I've seen from the three boxes.

Unfortunately, as I have also seen from past reviews, that they might not be perfect.  Mine has a small paint chip on the star.  Everything else about the figure is really nice though.

I died when I saw this.  A mermaid pusheen plastic tumbler with straw.  It is so cute.  I don't really use plastic drink cups on the go but I don't care.  Hopefully I can take care of this and use it for a long time.

To go with your tumbler, there is also a pusheen ice cube tray.  *Screams*  I always wanted cute ice cube trays and it can't get any cuter than this.  It is made with a rubber lavender purple silicon.  The ice pops out of the tray very easily.  Will provide a picture of the ice soon.

There are also a pair of mint green pusheen flip flops.  This was the one thing I predicted would be in the box.  It convinced me that the box would at least have something that I wouldn't mind keeping and has a good value.  I assumed this because they ask for your T-shirt size and shoe/flip flop size.  They already gave a T-shirt in the winter box, so if they are referring to flip flops when asking for your shoe size, what other season could it be haha.  While I think they are cute, I don't think I'll keep them.  They are a bit too squishy and slippery for me.

There were also a pair of lavender sunglasses in the same pusheen print as the flip flops.  Pusheen with a boombox, music notes, and triangle print.  While I see sunglasses are appropriate for a summer box, it is a disappointment for me.  The print is tiny so it doesn't really give me the feeling of 'pusheen sunglasses' to me.  It looks like a regular pair of plastic sunglasses.  I was hoping it would have some cat shape with ears or whiskers frame.  It will be a pass for me.

The biggest item in the box was this pusheen weekender bag.  It features pusheen with sunglasses look.  It's not one of my favorite pusheen looks, but I should have known this box would have been full of it haha.  There is also the same triangle print all around the bag in pastel colors.  I like the bag but I already have better quality duffles.  This bag is a typical thin duffle that would be cute for casual use.

The box included a compressed beach towel.  While the packaging shows the sunglasses pusheen the towel is actually a laying down classic pusheen that is winking.  I thought it is very cute and will be keeping this!  After opening the package, I just need to wash it to remove all the wrinkles.  It feels a bit thin right now but I'm hoping it fluffs back up after washing.

Another very cute item was this pusheen beach ball.  I did not inflate it, but it also features 3D ears and feet.  It is another item that I feel I don't have room for so I will probably not keep this.

And lastly, they included one small item and its a sunglasses pusheen iron-on patch.  I like patches but since this is not particularly one of my favorite pusheen looks I will probably pass on it.

As you can see the summer box had a beach theme to it.  It gave sunglasses, flip flops, beach towel, and a beach ball that you can carry it all in the duffle.  The mermaid items were my favorite.  The other look was the sunglasses pusheen.  I also love the color scheme of mint green and lavender in all the items.  It was a very well thought out themed box.  Even though I am only keeping half the contents, overall I really liked this box and I think it was worth it.  It had eight full sized items and 1 small item.  If you bought these items separately outside I'm sure it would have cost a lot more.  There was nothing I didn't like but if it's not something I would have bought on my own if I saw it then I shouldn't keep it.  I am not sure if I will order the next box yet but the curiosity of what will be inside and cuteness of pusheen might win me over again.

You can sign up to get a notice for the Fall box on their website HERE.

Thanks for reading!
xo Reeni

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