Review: Mini Memebox Haul

Sunday, September 11, 2016

This is a super late post because I never got around to writing it.  I bought a few things from Memebox a few months ago that I wanted to share.  It was during a 20% FF code sale.  My haul was about $42 and also got 3 sample packets to try.

I bought this for it's super cute packaging and I loved the idea that it's for panda eyes.  I have terrible dark circles and this is supposedly supposed to make your eyes brighter.  It says it would visibly improve puffiness, eye bags, and dark circles.  When I put it under my eye, it does feel a little cooler but the white formula is hard to blend so it can leave a white cast if you're not thorough.  I'm not sure if I see any difference either.  But I got this on sale for $3 and its a fun and cute product to carry out for every day use.

Time on My Lip (Pink)
I've been wanting to get a full-sized lip tint and this one was on sale for $5.  I chose the hot pink color and I love it.  It's one of my favorite lip glosses to use now.  I love the color and it gives just a bit of tint to my lips without being too overpowering or drying.  I usually like to just dab some in the middle of my lips for a gradient.  I have really chapped lips so I have difficulty wearing anything on my lips, especially lipstick, so this has become my go-to lip product.

I'm Stick Shadow Set
After I received color #4 (2nd one on my arm) in my K-pop box I was very interested in getting the set for only $25.  I usually don't like stick shadows because the stick could break and dry out.  I have experience the stick falling out already, I just need to stick it back in and it will still turn up.  I just can't store it upside down, which I prefer so I could see the color swatch on the bottom.  Other than that, the pigmentation is very nice and I love all 5 shades.  Maybe I'm biased by #4 is still my favorite, it's not too dark like #5 (1st one on my arm) and not too light that you can't notice it.  It has a light brown purple tint to it.  #5 is good when you want to go smokier and #3 is a nice gold base that you can blend with.  #1 and #2 and great for the inner corners as a brightener.  I like that #2 is a bit like rose gold.  These are easy to carry out or when you just want to quickly apply some eyeshadow before you go out.

Ettang Modeling Take-Out Cup Packs
I haven't heard of these before but I saw it was a bestseller on their website and had many good reviews so I thought I'd try it out.  It was on sale for $17 (Full price $26).  After the discounts it came out to be about $1.70 per pack so it was a really good deal.  I only tried 2 of the packs so far and I'm not sure I like it.  I think I just don't know how to get the best consistency with the water and amount to put on my face.  Mine came out gloopy and messy.  I like the idea that it is in powder form so it seems these can last a while in storage.  The reviews also say each pack has more than one use with the amount of powder it has.  I tried splitting it up and then adding water.  I still shared it with my husband because it still felt like too much to put on my face.  After I put it on my face, and I waited 20 minutes, it dried up on my face (partially soft jelly and partially white powdery).  The jelly parts were easy to peel off but I think some parts turned white because I did not layer enough, and I could not peel off in those areas.  I think I will still need to figure this out before I can use it properly.  I will update with pictures when I do.  Otherwise these are very cutely packaged mask packs with a variety of fun ingredients.  My pack came with the collagen, calendula, charcoal, propolis, chlorella, yogurt, acerola, and paper mulberry.

I would also like to rave about Memebox's customer service.  When I was going to checkout, my lip gloss and panda stick were on sale when I added them to my cart.  After I checked out, the order went through as full price for these 2 items. I am not sure if these sale prices were a mistake (because the prices were so good!) but I was very upset when I saw they actually did go back to full price on their website after my purchase, even though I still saw them as discounted in my cart and at checkout.  I emailed customer service and they happily gave me a price adjustment and got a credit for the over charge.  I'm really happy they resolved the problem so fast and I didn't have to return the items.  Thanks Memebox!

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