Review: September 2016 Doki Doki Crate - Cat Theme

Friday, September 16, 2016

This is my first and last Doki Doki box.  It's a monthly subscription by Japan Crate.  Each month they send you a box of kawaii items for $30 for the month-to-month plan.  I recently started following a lot of kawaii subscription boxes on social media ever since I bought a Pusheen box just to see what kind of items these other boxes have.  For piece of mind, I looked at all the previous Doki Doki boxes and they were cute but not something I would subscribe to.  Then for their September box they advertised that it will be cat themed and have TWO exclusive Pusheen items.  That got me interested.  I feel like you can't go wrong with cat stuff, they are usually really cute.  Also, if 2 of them are Pusheen items, this box should be worth it.  So I was going to try it out this one time and that was it.  I am usually wary about trying out subscription boxes because I don't know if I'll like everything inside.  There were also other deciding factors in getting the box this time.  They offered a Free Rilakkuma T-shirt code for new subscribers.  In their August box they started including T-shirts in their boxes.  I assume they must have had a lot left over of the August Rilakkuma shirt so they are offering that same exact shirt to new subscribers.  I love Rilakkuma and I thought the shirt they had was pretty cute so I had no problem they were giving them away.  So knowing I can get this extra shirt with my box, I felt it was pretty worth it. Also, their box always includes a Hoppe Chan item.  It's a pretty cute charm that looks like a dollop of cream.  They usually offer it as a phone charm, so I was hoping for that and also in a cat design.  So far, so good.

They then released other hints about this box that I didn't care for:
-exclusive doki doki plushie
-exclusive doki doki t-shirt

I already have a love for popular licensed items such as Pusheen, Rilakkuma, Hello Kitty, Gudetama etc.  so I have no desire for exclusive characters that Doki Doki creates just for their box.  While it's their sales concept, I feel it's just a way for them to save money.  If other people like the idea of exclusive Doki Doki merchandise that's fine but it's just not something I want to spend money on.  I understand licensed items cost a lot more and they would not profit as much.

This brings me to conclude that they have so far hinted Five items that are in the box.  Two Pusheen items, one Hoppe Chan item, an exclusive plushie and t-shirt.  This makes me assume there should be at least 1 or 2 other cat items to complete the box.  Maybe one more licensed item or some sticker sheets or a cute pen.

Now that I shared my reasoning for getting the box, let's begin!  They do have really cute packaging.  The box is pink with Doki Doki branding written all over it.

I was highly disappointed as I took out each item from the box.

First off are the "two" pusheen items.  The hat was the first thing I saw.  I do think it's a worthy item but unfortunately not something I am interested in because I don't wear beanies or character accessories since I have my own fashion style.  I did read later in the booklet that you could have gotten 1 of 3 Pusheen items.  This plain beanie with Pusheen's face, a cat eared beanie with Pusheen's face, or two pairs of magical unicorn Pusheen socks.  I like the other beanie better since it was more unique.  And even though socks are worth less, I would have liked them a lot since I like cute socks.  Maybe getting 3 pairs would have been a better deal.  I guess I was just unlucky.  I still had hope for the second pusheen item.  I got down to the bottom of the box and thought they forgot to put in my second item and realized I was holding a measly Pusheen sticker.  Really?  You advertise having TWO Pusheen item and one is this "laptop decal" that probably didn't cost them much.  I was highly disappointed since they hyped up have two Pusheen items.

I already saw their sneak peek of their shirt design so the light blue T-shirt with falling cats was no surprise. It's a cute simple T-shirt.

The plushie is probably the worst item in the box.  They showed a sneak peak of their exclusive Julie plushie design before this box sold out.  It actually made me reconsider if I still wanted the box.  Others may find it cute but I personally have no attachment to an unkown character.  Once I received it I quickly noticed it is a poorly constructed plushie.  It's squished in the box and the fur is all matted.  It just looks creepy.

The tail is just a rectangular cut piece of fabric folded in half!  Even I could have made that (I sell plushies on etsy).

The hat isn't even completely sewn on so there are tons of gaps where you can jus see the stuffing if you lift it up.

Update on their blog:
Japan Crate has listened to the feedback and are offering a $7 credit on your next renewal if you want to return your plushie. I emailed them and they said they would email me with a return label, so I assume this means I don't have to pay the return shipping.  I guess I will do this and have the $7 credit on my account if I ever want to get another box.)

I do like the Hoppe Chan charm.  It's really cute and its a cat form like I predicted.  There's a bow on her head, pink cat ears, and pink tail with a bow in the back.

The only surprise and last item in this box was this shikakui koneko coin purse.  It is a cube shaped cat coin purse.  You could have received 1 of 8 designs.  I got the grey one.  It's not my favorite but it's not my least favorite.

The redeeming factor of getting this box that isn't even related to the September box is my extra Rilakkuma T-shirt.  Since these are probably leftover shirts from last month, I got a size M instead of my requested size.

I knew this box might not have lived up to my expectations (from looking at their past boxes and knowing they give exclusive doki doki items) but it is still disappointing.  I like to spend my money wisely and while I do think I still got my money's worth, it's just not on things I want.  I will be selling my box.   This is just my own opinion.  There are subscribers who were actually thrilled with this box and very happy with it.  Maybe I will get a chance to receive a box to review again in the future and my opinion on them will change but for now this will be my only Doki Doki box.

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