Review: November 2016 Doki Doki Crate - Kawaii Cafe Theme

Friday, November 11, 2016

Doki Doki box is a $30 monthly subscription box full of japanese inspired kawaii items.  I was convinced to get another Doki Doki Box even though I was not happy with my first box in September (read HERE).  I had no plans to get another box because the Doki Doki content just doesn't suit me.  I do think it's worth getting if you can get a good deal.  I had ordered the September Box because of the cat theme and code for a free Rilakkuma shirt.  Because of many fans dissatisfaction with the Julie cat plushie, they offered a $7 return credit.  They provided me with a pre-paid return label and added a $7 credit on my Doki Doki account for a future subscription.  So I thought I would wait until a theme and spoilers I liked.  While I liked the November Cafe theme, I didn't care for plastic Rilakkuma sunglasses.  It's not something I would use.  They also revealed there was going to be  Sailormoon Sweet Mascot Re-ment Blind Box and Baguette Au Petite Lapid plushie which I thought was cute.  I still wasn't convinced so I was going to wait.  On 10/31, a day before the November subscription closes, I saw an email offering 50% off ($15 refund) for their box if I renew my subscription and reply back to their email that I have done so.  This offer was too good to pass up!  Along with my Julie credit, this box only cost me $8!!  I don't know if they would offer something like this again in the future so I renewed my subscription.

My box was shipped on 11/7 and I received it on 11/9.  There are 7 items in this box.  It seemed kind of light to me.

So here are the advertised exclusive Rilakkuma sunglasses.  It's a clear plastic frame with a rilakkumma print on them.  This is the only thing that didn't match the theme.  But at least they are providing more licensed products.

It was good to see two licensed products in this box.  The Sailor Moon Sweet Mascot Re-ment Blind Box has 6 design possibilities.  While I don't need more key charms I am a huge Sailormoon Fan and thought this was a really good addition to the box.  But with my luck, I got my least favorite design.  I am not familiar with all of Sailormoon's staffs, But I think this is one of them.  It's in a shape of a cookie with a macaroon in the middle.  My favorite one would have been the Luna cat cupcake since it most resembled a Sailormoon character/item.

This months Hoppe Chan is still adorable as always.  I still don't know how Hoppe Chan is popular in Japan.  I didn't see any while I was there.  This figure is pretty big too, it features a small dolloped Hoppe Chan cream on a slice of chocolate cake on a gold cake server. 

The only exclusive Doki Doki plushie line I've liked so far is Petite Lapin which is a bunny.  I like their first design of her as a macaroon better but this time she is in the form of a baguette.  You can receive a ham & lettuce sandwich or a ham & cheese.  I received the ham & cheese.  Unfortunately, I would have preferred the one with green lettuce since it matches better with the buns to look more like a real sandwich. 

It seems like the boxes are starting to contain a lot more Doki Doki produced items.  This Puchi Puchi Baguette Pouch has a Doki Doki kawaii cafe tag on it.  Honestly, I think it's pretty ugly and would not use it.  It's a brown printed cloth in a long oval shape.  There's stuffing in the inside to make it soft.

Including a croissant pen seems fitting for this box.  But it's still an awkward shape and boring color design for a pen.  But the cool thing is that there's a small magnet on the back.  It reminds me of those old school fridge magnets.  The dual use makes it a fun pen.

Lastly, there is a chocolate notebook.  This also has Doki Doki kawaii cafe packaging.  I like the bite taken on the corner.  I'm not sure if it's meant to be scented.  While some like the scent I think it smells like bad plastic.  The pages seem kind of thin too.  But otherwise a very cute design.

Overall this was a nice box.  The two licensed products make it worth it.  As for the rest it's really based on personal preference if you think it's cute or not.  They are a hit or miss for me (usually a miss).  While I have no plans to get another box, if they provide good spoilers and offer 50% discount again, I may be convinced.

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