Review: November 2016 Kawaii Box

Friday, December 16, 2016

I was lucky enough to win a giveaway for a Kawaii Box!  I really enjoyed my first Kawaii Box that I received to review so I was very excited to receive this one.  Kawaii Box is a monthly subscription box that contains 10-12 Japanese or Korean kawaii items.  Each month's box closes at the end of the month and shipped out at the beginning of the next month.  So this box is the November box.  The boxes start at $17.90/month.

Each box contains a card listing all the items in box.  This box contains 11 items.

Kawaii Christmas Stickers
I like that this box contained something Christmas themed.  Since their boxes ship out the next month, it's already December.  Love these adorable santa and reindeer stickers with musical instruments.

DIY Korean Cupcake Set
I feel these boxes are more appropriate for younger kids.  This looks like a cheap plastic mini food set.  The decorating pieces are super tiny and it comes with a tiny packet of play-doh to make the cupcakes.

Happy Whistle Keychain
This is just a keychain with clip, whistle, and two smiley faces.  

Harajuku Hair Accessories
This is two funky rainbow with an exclamation emergency sign on a hair tie.  Unfortunately one of the plastic rainbows was broken off already.  Then as I was taking the two apart, the other one fell off too.  Not very well made.

I almost forgot, but I also received these pink smiley face hair clips.  Not sure if I was supposed to receive 2 hair accesorries because this makes it 12 items in my box.

Cute Milk 2-Color Pen and Pastel Eraser Pen
Can never have enough pens and erasers!  The cow pen has 2 sides with blue and red ink.

Peep Out! Animal Stick Markers
I love cat items!  These adorable post-it stickies will help keep tabs where ever you need.

Bananya Plush Charm
I was most excited to receive this little plush!  I love that Kawaii Box includes at least one licensed character in their boxes (at least from what I've seen so far).  I love receiving characters I already know and love and it makes the box feel worth it.

Fruit Shaped Sharpener
Another useful stationary item.

Meiji Mini Candy Box
Including an edible item is also a nice touch in their boxes.

Kracie Popin' Cookin' DIY Pudding Flan Parfait Kit
Seems like they like to include DIY japanese candy kits in both their kawaii and candy boxes.  This one looks fun to make.  The instructions are all in japanese but there are some good tutorials on youtube.

I liked about half the things in this box but it was a fun mix of items and I had fun reviewing it.  I think Kawaii boxes are an affordable way to receive a fun mystery of kawaii items every month, definteily something fun for kids to receive.

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