Review: Pusheen Box [Summer 2017 Edition]

Friday, August 04, 2017

The Pusheen Summer Box is here!  This one was extremely delayed but it doesn't really matter as long as it arrives.  I see a lot of people complain on their social media because they didn't receive it yet or even expecting it before the stated expected shipping time.  Unless there were complications because you are moving addresses, then there shouldn't be an issue if it comes early or late, we all get it in the end anyway.  Shipping delays happen and you'll just have to be patient until it arrives.  These are quarterly subscriptions so I obviously don't expect to get it as soon as I order and pay for it.  Anyway, the expected shipping date that Pusheen Box gave was the week of July 17th.  They didn't send out an email about the delays and an explanation until July 26th and said it would ship later that week .  Mine shipped on July 27th and arrived on 8/2/17.

Just like the last box, they shrink wrap the whole box so the box stays clean and the box.  The upgraded box material is also more durable.  Look at the cute star sunglasses for the summer box!

I think the Pusheen themes are always so clever.  In honor of summer, there are lots of travel items and useful summer items to keep cool.

1. Pusheen Backpack
This pouch converts to a lightweight backpack, how cool is that!  It's very useful when your traveling.  You can just throw this in your luggage or bag and turn it into a bookbag when you need it.

2. Pusheen luggage tag
A cute and simple pusheen tag to add onto your suitcase.

3.  Pusheen passport holder
And a matching passport holder!  It has a picture of pusheen on a kite and says "See Ya".  At first I thought mine said See Yo, or it was missing a letter for See You, but I think the last letter was just not stitched well for mine so it looks like an O.

4. Pusheen earbuds
These mismatched buds show Pusheens' head on one end and pusheens butt on the other.  Comes in a cute case.

5. Pusheen popsicle Mold
What a fun way to make popsicles in the summer. Just pour your favorite juice and pop it in the freezer.  Would be fun for kids and parties.

6. Pusheen Silly Straws
These silly straws come with a silicone Pusheen stopper on top.  There are 3 designs, Pusheen with a soda, icecream, and watermelon.

7. Pusheen Ice Pack
This reuseable ice pack are good or coolers or quick injury relief.

8. Pusheen Sleeveless Tee
While the colors and design are cute the Tee is definitely oversized.  I got mine in size XS too.  The cut of it looks like a muscle tee and more unisex style.  Not really an attractive tee for a girl.

9. Beach Pusheen Vinyl
Pusheen with sunglasses is also detachable from the sandy beach and palm tree stand.

Overall, its another great box.  It's not my favorite box but it didn't disappoint.  All the items are very useful and fun.

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