My Stay at Mirihi Resort in the Maldives

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

My last post (many months ago) was about how to plan a trip to the Maldives.  This post will be about how I chose Mirihi resort out of hundreds of options and my review of it.  I thought this might be my one chance to go to the Maldives so I had to choose wisely.

Good house reef
Water villa
Small secluded island feel
Good food (HB or AI)

Optional perks:
Seaplane ride
High chance of seeing whale sharks on an excursion (if we decide to book one)

After careful research and planning, Mirihi hit all of these requirements.  I relied a lot on Tripadvisor, and Mirihi was one of the top rated resorts, with 5 star reviews.

Island overview

At just 350 meters long and 50 meters wide, it is one of the smallest islands in the Maldives.  You could walk around the whole island in about 20 minutes.  While a small island was not really a priority, we did love the castaway island vibe of it.  It's great if you are looking for a quiet and relaxing vacation with a personalized touch.

I will break down my review of Mirihi into sections.

Arrival & Service

After our flight arrived to Male Airport we looked for the booth that serviced Mirihi.  There was an employee who greeted us and took our luggage and led us to their airport lounge.  He offered us something to drink while we waited with another couple until our Trans Maldivian transfer was ready.  He also gave us a canvas bag filled with two water bottles and some cookies.  When time came we took a shuttle to get to the seaplane dock.  The ride took about 30 minutes with one stop to deboard some passengers at another resort.  As soon as you step off your seaplane, you are greeted by their friendly staff.  There was a few drops of rain when we arrived.  It made me nervous about the start of our vacation but thankfully it passed.  They tell you to take off your shoes as Mirihi is a barefoot paradise.  From the moment you arrive until the moment you leave you won't be needing your shoes.  They help take your luggage and bring it to your room.  They also hand you a welcome coconut drink!

A staff is assigned to you to clean your room and attend to anything you needed.  With only 39 rooms, that means there are only about 78 guests when the resort is fully booked at dual capacity.  There are actually more staff on the island than there are guests!


Mirihi has 6 beach villas and 30 water villas for the same cost (which is shocking since water villas usually cost more.  Why would anyone choose a beach villa in this case?!) and 1 water suite and 2 beach suites.  We had a water villa #23.  The villas past #26 would offer a sunrise view and probably slightly better snorkeling.  This set of villas are on the far end of the island so it does take some time to walk the jetty and get to the restaurant and lobby on the other side of the island.  I didn't mind because it was a really peaceful and beautiful walk through the palm trees and soft sand.  While I don't think the room is as impressive as most 5 star luxury resorts in the Maldives, it was a very traditional, clean, and updated.  The AC and ceiling fan was great in the room and much needed after being out in the beating sun.  The bed was large and comfortable and facing the floor to ceiling window doors that open up to the balcony.  The balcony had 2 sun chairs and a table.  There is also a wooden dryer rack which was great to hang our swimsuits to dry.  The deck also led to a glass door to the shower and bathroom.  You could have a view of the ocean while you took a shower.


Mirihi gets rave reviews on their food.  When your paying such a premium room rate you hope the quality of food also meets those standards and Mirihi does not fail.  When I booked they only offered Half Board, which includes a buffet breakfast and dinner.  So everyday we went for a late breakfast, about an hour before it ends, and early dinner, arriving when dinner started at 7pm.  At the end of breakfast we casually took a bowl of fruit back to our room and had mid-day snacks we brought in our luggage.  Breakfast was similar every morning with a few rotating dishes.  I loved the variety of fresh fruit juices and exotic fruits.  They have stations for made to order eggs, even omelettes, waffles or pancakes, and french toast.  Mirihi has a weekly rotating buffet dinner menu every 2 weeks.  They included Asian, Mediterranean, Seafood, Maldivian, East meets West, South American, Italian, All Time Classics, Oriental and BBQ Night.  They have so many food stations all over the dining room.  In my four days, I got to experience South American, BBQ, Asian, and Mediterranean Night.  Our favorite was BBQ Night where you pick your meat and they grill it for you.  The huge tiger prawns, steak, grilled squid, and lamb chops were delicious.  We kept going back for more.  Surprisingly our least favorite was Asian Night which had a huge sushi display.  I love sushi and was excited and skeptical if they would do a good job.  To my disappointment their sushi was terrible.  I honestly think they didn't even use sushi rice.  It tasted like plain rice, no glutinous or glossy texture.  Maybe sushi rice is hard to import into the islands, if so, then they should not try to make sushi.  Otherwise, their sashimi was good.  Unfortunately, the day we left was going to be Seafood Night and I think Maldivian Night would have been nice to try too.  One thing I did not like was the breakfast would provide you unlimited water and juices but at dinner they did not even offer free water.  On the first night I asked for water and received bottled water which we had to pay for.  So the next few nights we ordered fruit smoothies, cocktails, and beer just so I didn't have to decline getting a drink when asked (even though they refilled 2 free bottles of water in our room every night).  We also did not pay extra for the restaurants and special dining.

cereal and add-ons
Assorted cheese and yogurt
Cold Cuts
Fresh fruit juices
Made to order eggs, french toast, and pancakes
Hot buffet
Fresh bread
Huge selection of fresh fruit
BBQ night
BBQ night
BBQ night
BBQ night
South American night
South American night
Asian night
Asian night
Asian night
Asian night
Mediterranean night
Mediterranean night
different dessert setup every night
House Reef

Located in the South Ari Atoll, Mirihi has one of the best house reefs in the Maldives.  You can easily snorkel right off your villa or the beach and see a huge variety of sea life and coral.  Although, most of the coral here is bleached.  During our stay we saw a lot of different types of colorful fish, squid, sea turtle, and manta rays!  We swam up close to the turtle as it just stayed in place looking for food nearby.  We saw manta rays while we took a night stroll along the beach and also in the morning while we ate breakfast.  I'm sure the diving would have been amazing but we were completely satisfied with snorkeling for free and with such ease from our villa.


Miriri provides complimentary non-motorized watersports.  We were able to rent snorkeling equipment, kayaks, stand up paddles, and windsurf gear.  There are also some activities and daily events on the island, free and paid.  They had free morning yoga everyday.  We tried it once and were the only couple there that day.  They offer a variety of excursions you can book and have some of the best diving.


If you are celebrating a special occasion, let them know!  When I filled out a form when we arrived I included my wedding anniversary date which was 3 days after we leave. On our last night they set up the bed with flower petal decoration and a chocolate cake to celebrate our upcoming anniversary.

We had an evening flight from Male to Singapore.  To accommodate us, they set us up with the latest connecting seaplane (around 3pm).  They allowed us a late check-out so we were able to slowly enjoy our last breakfast and have a quick snorkel and shower before we packed up, left our luggage outside our room, and walked to the front desk for check out.  They gave us drinks and chocolate while we waited for our seaplane.  After arriving at Male, the same staff greeted us and led us to the on-site lounge.  He offered us drinks and small desserts while we wait til we were ready to leave for our flight.

Budget for 2

Seaplane Transfer: $1,052.80 (incl tax)
Resort: $2,794.68 (4 nights, Half Board, incl tax)
Misc: $96.71 (dinner drinks, incl tax)
Final cost: 3,944.19

For details about flights, see Last Post

Now that I've experienced the ultimate Maldives experience, next time I will focus on a resort that would be better value for the money.  Yup, I'm already dreaming about the next time I can come back to this paradise.  Here are a few I would recommend based on my research:


Thanks for reading!
xo Reeni

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