Review: Pusheen Box [Winter 10 Year Anniversary]

Friday, December 25, 2020

 Merry Christmas!

It's been a year since I've gotten a Pusheen Box but the Black Friday deal convinced me to sign up for this Winter Box.  They offered a BOGO deal, if you order the Winter Box you will get one previous box for free.  Since I haven't gotten a box in a few years I was hoping it would be a box from the past few year.  I received my box a week before Christmas which would make it great for gift giving.  Here's what's inside:

Set of 2 Plastic Plates

Nice average sized plates and good print.

Set of 2 stemless glasses

Unfortunately the design that is printed on is not done well.  It looks like a vinyl sticker and you can see the sticker edge and one of them was not applied neatly.

Set of Salt and Pepper Shakers

These glass shakers with Pusheen and Stormy design look similiar to the glass but the decal is applied neatly.  The top should be S and P holes but both of them say P.  I read that other people had this misprint too.

Pusheen Donut Vinyl

Cute vinyl for this anniversary box but the quality is also lacking.  Upon opening, you can see that the paint job was not done very well.  There are several scratches on the paint.

Pusheen Pizza Plush

Cute little plush for this anniversary box.

Pom Pom String Light Garland

Cotton Mesh Tote Bag

Nothing really special about this, an open hole bag with a Pusheen charm on it.

Pusheen Easel Calendar

Nice addition to have a calendar for the new year.

Not Pictured: Pusheen Sweatshirt with a nicely embroidered Pusheen Sushi on the left chest.

Overall a very cute box.  Doesn't feel very 10 Year Anniversary themed.  I guess the theme is the classic pizza, donut, and stars design but the items are a bit random.  The quality of Pusheen boxes have fallen since I first subscribed to them in 2016, I believe.  Their quality control could be improved too.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to receiving my free box in the mail soon!

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