Best Places to Eat in Maine

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Bite Into Maine at Portland Headlights

We did a road trip to Acadia National Park and hit up a few popular food spots.

On our way from New Jersey, we stayed overnight in Rockland, MA and had dinner in town, area called Bearskin Neck.  There are a lot of restaurants and we saw good reviews for Roy Moore Lobster Co.  The lobster roll was fresh and chowder was good too.

The next day as we drove north we stopped at Bob's Clam Hut in Kittery, Maine.  They are popular for their fried clams, especially whole belly clams.  I forgot which was the more popular one and asked the cashier what is their recommendation, which she said fried clam strips.  I'm disappointed I didn't get to try the whole belly, as the strips are pretty thin so it's mostly fried breading.

After snacking on clam strips we continued driving past Portland until we reached Red's Eats in Wiscasset, ME.  Probably one of the most popular lobster roll spots I found in Maine and I can understand why.  We waited about 1.5 hours (in August, after lunch hours)  The rolls were LOADED with thick and juicy lobster pieces.

Food around Acadia National Park

Since we were staying in Bar Harbor, we got take-out for dinner twice and ate by the water with a picnic blanket.  We tried Geddy's.  Nothing particularly special but the food was good.  

We also got take-out from Side Street Cafe.  One of the most popular restaurants in town and I saw a lot of recommendations for their lobster mac n' cheese.  Food was good, but the mac n' cheese was disappointing.  It was a small amount of lobster topped on a container of mac n' cheese.  The pasta was shells and the taste was just ok.

Beal's Lobster Pier is also highly rated for lobster.  We tried a warm roll and a cold roll, both delicious!

If you're looking for desert, try the ice cream at Mt. Desert Island Ice Cream.  They had a unique and fun menu of flavors.

Bonus: I wanted to try Cafe this Way for breakfast, but our B&B at Hearthside Inn included an excellent breakfast every morning.

Food around Portland, ME

Here are the top 3 spots I found in Portland and they did not disappoint.

Holy Donut - There are several locations downtown.  We got a box of six, and my favorite flavor was the Sea Salt Chocolate.  Made with Maine potatoes, these donuts were very moist and had great flavor.

Duck Fat - we tried their delicious poutine fries, duck confit panini and vanilla bean milk shake. A must try!

Eventide - We tried a few things off their menu and enjoyed everythinggg.  We started with some fresh oysters and drinks.  We got the crab roll and fried chicken sandwich.  I was hoping to try a pork katsu sandwich but it was not on the menu.  Usually not impressed with chicken sandwiches but this was the best I ever had.  

Bonus: Becky's Diner we did not get to try but it looks like a popular diner.  

On the day we left Portland we visited a few lighthouses and there are some good lobster rolls you can try in the area.  Bite into Maine (first photo) was amazing.  It's a food truck at the Portland headlights so you can pick up a lobster roll, sit at a picnic table and enjoy a nice lunch.  We didn't try but there is also the Lobster Shack at Two Lights at one of the lighthouse stops.

Hope this was helpful in planning where to eat on a trip to Acadia and Portland, Maine.  Thanks for reading! 

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